Friday, September 6, 2013

My Daughters Words: My Real Home

Five visits, just five visits, and I already know where my real home is.

Imagine having something you've always wanted and never knew that it was there, it was yours, but when you want it, you are ripped from it. That is me after ever visit ends.

At night I cry myself to sleep, I admit it. I want my mother, I want my father, I WANT MY FAMILY! But I am ripped from it. Every time I have to leave I feel like I am being ripped from it again, and I can't claw my way back to it.

It just makes me hate that so called "person" more. She did this and we have to pay the consequences.

Yes, where I am is okay, but the adults have chosen child service's side, and I chose my mom's.

I need people to end this! This is making me suffer, my youngest brother suffer, my parents suffer, my two little brothers suffer, and that I can NOT allow. We need more support than ever, we won't stop fighting, but even a battle can be won by evil, and that can't happen now, it will ruin to much.

You can help. Check out my mother's page on Facebook (,
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A woman ruined us, but a family will bring us back together.

Above is a post my daughter wrote today to have put up here today.  She wants you to know how she feels.  This week she made another request to speak to her brothers.  Her foster caregiver refused her again.  Telling her she had to write an email to ask permission of the family who has them.  This email of course must be proofed by the foster caregiver since my daughter is not allowed their email.  You can see above how the so call "child protection society" is destroying her.  Tearing her from her brothers as I was torn from them. 

And just think about the two that can't voice their feelings like she can here.  Her oldest brother has become increasingly violent since my visits were cut at social services discretion (not the courts and NOT A COURT ORDER).  They just cut contact of their own free choice.  Now they are doing the same to my children.  My daughter can not tell her brothers why she is being refused contact.  It is just another person who they grew up with, love and have an undeniable bond with being ripped from their lives because it helps to cover up the crimes of Social Services and my mother. 

We as a society need to stop turning a blind eye to this.  We need to take the blinders off and see that the suffering of the children in care is very real.  Feel her words.  Don't just read them.  Feel them.  She is feeling helpless.  We need to show her she is not helpless.  She is not alone and we as a society need to rally around her and help her.

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