Monday, March 21, 2011

Trying To Move Forward

I have been getting a lot of advice lately to look forward, move forward. There is nothing I can do for a long while to fight to get my kids back. My hands are tied thanks to the lies of the department and my mother. So I have decided to take my wise friends advice and try and move forward in my life until I can take up the fight again.

My days are usually spent in the house. Day in and day out. With the depression of the trial I have had no urge to really do anything. Other then cooking and keeping up the house not much has interested me. On top of that Sheena is getting older. She is 7 now and though she is doing great as my medical alert dog she is going to get to the point where she does not have the energy to deal with a puppy. So while she still has the playful desire to be around a pup but also to train it.

So we got a puppy. She isn’t a purebred by any means but she is very cute and very smart. She just turned 3 months old and is already house trained and we are working on potty pen training her. For those that do not know what that means it is training to teach her to only use one spot in the yard and also to teach her to go on command. She has also learned in one day to play fetch. Her breeding is ½ German Shepherd, ¼ lab and ¼ husky. And you can see all of the traits in her though the lab so far seems to be the dominant for looks.

She has settled in quite well and we are excitedly waiting till she has her shots to take her out for walks and socialization. We have a lot of hopes and dreams for what to train her for but we are in the stage now where we are simply building a strong foundation to build upon. As she learns and grows I will blog on here about how she is doing. She has brought some lightness and excitement into our home again and given both of us something to focus on to help us move forward.

So right now we are moving forward day by day.

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