Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Year And A Half Of Your Life Did Not Happen

Confusing title I know but when you read what is going on you will understand.  So at the last trial conference we got the judge who's preconceived notion is that I am going through all these years of hell just to show that CPS screwed me over and not because of what is in the best interest of my sons and my entire family.  Yeah I was just as happy about that.  lol  The conference went just as well as the last one he oversaw but this time I stood up to both the lawyers who kept fudging the facts(for example my sons lawyer said that my daughter came home because she is 16 and because contact was always ongoing the entire time she had been in care between her and I.  Ummm huhhh.  Have you read your own file?  No I didn't say that.  But I did interrupt her and tell the judge that was not true at all.  That I didn't have contact with her from 09-Nov 2012.  There were tons of other things they made up or changed in the facts but you get the idea.  Anyway the judge was very adamant that he wanted me to get rid of most of my witness list INCLUDING social workers.  Yup he doesn't want me calling the social workers involved in the PGO or even after.  Just the current ones.  But I didn't back down.  Trust me it was hard.  But I didn't.  I told the judge I was not removing any of the social workers and I was not removing most of my witness list.  So he told me that he would not give me the trial and court days I wanted then.  I still would not back down even with that threat.  So finally after I continued to be talked down to by the lawyers and by the judge, after he out right stated that what I was saying was not true, even with no evidence on hand, I told him that I would not put myself through 7yrs of hell fighting for my children for a vendetta.  That I would not trigger my PTSD over and over again and put myself in situations that I know will cause me high anxiety(courtrooms, trial conference rooms where I am there with no support in a room with the departments male lawyer and male judge.  That I am doing all this and continuing this fight on my own without a lawyer and with mental illnesses.  Fighting for my sons for 7yr which is way longer then a lot of families in my position. 

At this point he turned to the departments lawyer and instructed us all to write a letter.  Describing what we had to prove in court and why we are calling each witness and how that witness will help to prove these things in court.  We were to submit them at the end of the month of February.  So this past Friday I received the one from the departments lawyer.  Not much in it but he does state he thinks the only witness I need to call was the social worker who was working with my daughter and moved her home.  She is on my list to call along with 3 other social workers. Of course he only wants me calling her.  The fewer witnesses I call the better for their case.

The lawyer for my sons had a much more interesting letter.  I swear they either just don't open anything to look at any of the evidence I sent or what is in CPS records OR they just make it up as they go along because they really don't care about truth.  Just about winning.  Either way here is some interesting parts of her letter:

"Factual Background – Context of the Application 
The last supervised visit between "the mother"(removed my name) and the boys occurred on November 10, 2010. "

SUPERVISED VISIT???  I had been having unsupervised visits with my sons for well over a year at the time of the trial.  Every week unless denied by the social worker for a false complaint.  I know for her convincing the judge that my visits were supervised up to the trial looks better for them.  But it is a complete lie.  They know a huge issue for them also is that I never got a termination visit.  They also know that the files show that my last visit occurred the last week of October.  The very next week was the trial.  The following week when I emailed for my next visit I was ignored.  They had no court orders to cut off my visits.  They did it for no reason.  They know this is a huge hurtle.  So they have to try and make up something.  It will be interesting how they make up a visit that never happened.  I never saw my children Nov 10th.

"The children have been in their current placement since June, 2013.  Adoption proceedings have been put on hold pending the resolution of this action. "

This one had me laugh a little.  Seriously you are my sons lawyer and you don't even know the month they were placed with the couple that wants to adopt them?  They were placed there in January of 2013 and the adoption ceremony was in February.  Thanks to my daughter not only do I know that I have seen the ceremony on her I-pod.  It was dated.

"The mother" (removed my name) is in a stable relationship with a man that "her sons"(removed their names) have never met." 

Ummm what?  Did you not get the evidence I sent?  Where it shows MANY videos, audio tapes and pictures with my partner and my sons?  For those reading this if you have any doubt here is a link to my FB page dedicated to my fight for my children showing pictures of my sons with my partner and I along with many videos:

FB Page

So is she trying to deny a whole year and a half of bonding, visits and family times because it will better her case?  This is suppose to be my childrens lawyer.  She is suppose to fight for their best interest.  But instead of really doing the work she is either just writing down what ever the workers are telling her without doing the investigative work or she really has no problem making this up as she goes along.  Either way she is not fighting for my childrens rights by denying their life experiences to better her case.

"The mother" has an infant (a half sibling to "the two in care") and 15 year old daughter (a full sibling to "the two in care" whom they have not seen in several years) in her full-time care."

First when I hear infant I think of baby.  Under a year old.  My son is 2yrs old.  My daughter is 16yrs old.  And I can tell you teenagers do not like it when people tell them they are younger then they are.  Also "several years" usually means more then 3.  My daughter last had contact with her brothers in May of 2013.  So it has been less then 2yrs. 

I know this is just the start of how much they will twist and lie to keep my sons.  They are making things up out of thin air and relying on the judicial system to ignore the facts and the truth.  And sadly usually it does.  I am hoping that for my family for once the judicial system will look honestly at what has happened to my family.  I am planning on bringing a family photo my partner and I had done with my two sons to the next trial conference just to show the judge that I am not the one lying and making things up. 

I continue to struggle up this seemingly impossible mountain to fight for my family.  I hope what we go through will help others as well.

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