Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Will Be Our Year

I feel it in every bone in my body.  This will be our year.  It will be the year we are finally reunited, my daughter is definitely moving home this summer.  You can see that from the latest reply from my daughters worker:

"Also, please remind me closer to the Easter visit to do the letters for you for the school and eye doctor letting them know that you will be resuming care of your daughter in the summer."

So as you can see it is no longer an if.  It is a fact.  Which puts the spot light on CPS as to why my daughter can return home, my youngest son is here, yet my 2 older sons are not.  I am sure that when the couple who has my sons sit down with their worker by the end of January(which she assured me she will be doing) to fill them in on all the facts finally, that they will see that a huge injustice was done to my family.  And if they truly believe in the strength of a family they will want to help my sons be reunited with us and come home.  I have been begging for the department to tell them the truth, share with them the facts and just how far we are will to fight since I heard they were placed with a family.  Everyone who has seen the evidence and knows the true facts, including foster parents and adoptive parents had all said the same to us.  That if they were in this couples place and found out the truth they could not morally continue to pursue adoption or keep us from contact. 

Last year at this time we only had email or FB contact with my daughter and an adoption worker who admitted to not reading the whole file but had decided that "kids are not removed without a reason." She could not even consider that mistakes could be made, that someone could make false allegations, that workers could refuse to look at video, audio and other evidence that would prove the person making the allegations as lying.  She was 100% focused on wanting that adoption bonus.  She wanted to adopt out my sons and daughter no matter what.  She told me that I would never see my sons again and that I lived in a fantasy world to even think any of my kids would return home.  She even told my daughter the exact same things.  She even went so far as to threaten my youngest son with telling my daughter "that he just hasn't been taken yet" when there was 0 concerns from anyone.  This was recorded by my daughter in secret, which is totally legal since she was a part of the conversation.  My community support worker heard the tape and is prepared to testify to that threat on the stand.  That is how far this worker was willing to go to cover up what I am sure she had figured out to be gross injustices to my family. 

So I guess I am living in a fantasy world since my daughter is returning home.  And I will continue to live there as we work to have my sons returned home.  We are only 6 months from my daughter being here permanently.  6 months.  that is it.  So much has changed since a year ago.  And I know with everything in the works, that I can't wait to announce to everyone as soon as I am given the go ahead, a lot will change in the coming new year. 

This is our year people.  With all your support, kind works, dedication to passing on my story and the Facebook page I know this will finally be our year of being a solid whole family.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Another Christmas and Another Holiday Missed With Their Family

Christmas morning is here and we all had so much fun.  But there was obviously 2 very important people missing to make the day complete for everyone.  My two older sons.  Even their worker said this must be frustrating for me.  Frustrating is not the word I would use.  I have missed too many holidays with them and my children have missed too many holidays with each other.  Saying that it is frustrating is a major understatement. 

Even in the excitement of unwrapping there was obvious emotion as we sorted through the gifts, placing my sons aside to get to more gifts for the people here.  It seems Children Services do not see families spending this time together as being that important.  Yet if you tried to tell them they were not allowed to see their children on Christmas I bet they would get extremely angry.  Now imagine being a mom who never abused her children, never did anything to warrant being taken permanently out of her children's lives.  Try imagining what Christmas is like then.  It is like being continually punished over and over again by my mother for not doing anything wrong.  I am not and never have been an abuser, I am not a criminal, I am not an addict, I have always made sure my children had a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothes on their backs and knew they were loved.  So why can't I be with my children and why can't they be with each other?  That is a question that CPS will have to answer sooner then later.  Things are moving fast now.  Something is on the works that will turn this whole case on it's ear.  So keep coming to the blog and looking for updates because soon I will be announcing something that will blow this whole case WIDE open.  Something that does not just involved me, but the step kids too and others.  So watch, and continue to send your support.

As for this morning we had so much fun.  Last night we opened the usual Christmas Eve PJ's.  You can see pictures here:

Christmas Eve Pictures

This morning we had to wake my daughter up.  She has never been one to jump out of bed in the morning.  lol  But once she was up we all had lots of fun.  I made fresh berry crepes for breakfast with ice cream and whip cream.  Everyone got a huge haul of toys but that was not the best part of Christmas.

For us the best part was helping a single parent with two kids have a wonderful Christmas.  We love to do secret santa stuff and this year we learned of a wonderful family that needed a bit of help.  We got them 2 full large boxes of food, a turkey and tons and tons of gifts for the kids and the parent(single parents lots of time get forgotten).  To us all that was the best part of this holiday.  We try to instill in our children that no matter how hard things are, or how good things are, there is always someone who has it worse and to always find a way to give back.  It is the best part of Christmas. 

But then the surprise came right back to us.  Someone secret santa'd us a special gift. An X-Box 360.  WOW.  We all screamed when we unwrapped that.  Will be a nice addition to our entertainment room.  lol  Anyway here are this mornings pictures:

Christmas Morning Pictures

So Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or what ever you say or celebrate; to all my loyal followers and supporters.  We are not giving up the fight to make my family whole.  Please continue to send in your supportive words and keep us in your thoughts.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

"As Of Right Now We Are Still Pursuing The Adoption Of Your Sons"

Not been a good week.  Battling the flu right now and found out someone I love dearly has cancer.  But this entry is not about that.  I wanted to give you all a quick update on the 2 1/2 hour phone call I just had with my son's social worker.  So far I am the only one she has talked too other then her supervisor.  As of  her meeting with her supervisor this past Monday they are pursuing the finalization of the adoption.  But that was prior to me telling her of the evidence to the perjury at the PGO trial by my mother and the social workers along with several other avenue's we are pursuing to overturn the PGO and get any adoption that occurred during that false PGO throw out.  She seemed nice enough and open.  She said she could not commit either way to contact or communication because she did not know the answer at this point.  I thought that was fair and better then being told that there would be no communication like I was getting with precious workers.  So I see that as not a NO and Not a YES yet. 

She is planning to call my daughters worker and talk to her about all this and also will be phoning my community support worker as well.  Her meeting with the couple who has my sons is scheduled for the end of January.  She will be filling them in on the all the things we are doing to over turn the PGO, my concerns for my sons needs when it comes to therapies and abuses and so on that they have endured and received no help for.  She said this was not a discussion she wanted to have over the phone or email.  I made it clear that I think they had the right to know everything going on and the long term impacts these things could have before they made a decision to finalize anything.  Since this will not be just a simple case of finalizing an adoption but could become a huge legal battle once everything is on the table.  That even if it is finalized we will be moving forward to have it overturned and that there is precedence for other cases here in Alberta being over turned based on similar cases and adoptions thrown out and children returned home to their parents.  I made it clear I would prefer to work on reuniting my family through CPS  because it will be easier on not just my sons but the family who has them.

I also confirmed that my daughter is moving home this summer and her worker and I are discussing the things needed to be set up to make the transition easier.  Things like the meeting my community support worker and I are having with her principal here, special therapy, her seeing an eye specialist here and so on.  She seemed to be a lot more open then previous workers were and actually was willing to listen to what I was saying.  She was surprised that I was not notified that my children were removed from my mother.  And was also surprised that I was never told, no matter how many times I contact the towns department, that my children were in foster care.  Though she did confirm that I do not have to be notified for the adoption to be finalized.

She will be mailing my daughters gift for Christmas and her b-day(pictures) to her worker to get to her but there would be no other communication during the holidays.  Which I know will really hurt my daughter and my sons.  I let her know I will be emailing her with pictures from my sons b-days and also from Christmas so they can see that they were not forgotten.  She did confirm that she thinks contact was cut between my daughter and her brothers because of her desire to talk about their newest little brother and us to them.  Which I made clear I thought was wrong.  So I don't know right now what her plan is, or even if she is ready to make one, on contact between them.

I told her that if she needs to meet us that we will arrange that.  I also made if clear that we will jump through any hoop requested of us to ensure my sons return home.  That I would prefer to work with the family who has them and the department to make the transition for my sons easier then to have to go through the courts and make it more drawn out and painful for everyone.  She was not aware of my repeated requests to have my oldest son tested for dyslexia.  I offered her the same I did for my daughters worker which was to send her copies of all emails, photos, videos and so on to back up everything I am stating. 

I also asked if the adoption will be finalized by the end of January and she said no.  She said I gave her a lot to think about and my cases seemed as clear as mud at this point.  She seemed as honest and transparent as my daughters worker so far.  I hope she is anyway.  So I am hoping that as she gets more educated on my case, as my daughters worker did, that she will see that the best interest for all involved is for my sons to return home with all of us working together to help them deal with the past and work in a positive manner for the future.  She was made perfectly aware that I have no intention of giving up.  She was also made aware that the people who have my sons also have the blog link and the facebook page as well.  So they are getting some of the information on here about what is going on, but not all of it as I can't as yet go into the details of some of the other things in the works.  So that is todays update.  Not entirely bad but not great either.

I am hoping that as the family who has them gets all the details, sees all the proof and so forth that they will decide to not adopt because they will see that coming home is what is best for my sons.  And I hope they will work with us to make that transition easier for them.  My entire family has been through enough hell.  It is time to start the repairing of it.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Silver Lining To A Blizzard

We just had a glorious 11 day visit with my daughter, and we can thank a blizzard and her new worker for that.  Here are the details.  We picked her up on Thursday evening like was scheduled.  When we got home and helped her unpack we again discovered she didn't have her medications.  So she has been without them all week.  We didn't notice any real difference in her behavior without it.  In fact she says she sleeps better here without the medication at night then she does with the medication at her foster caregivers.  I think that is important to note.  And on several occasions she was up on her own earlier then the 9am time that we wake her up.  I do think we need to let the doctor know about the evening meds so he can decide whether to reassess.  But I also think we really need to find a way to get her medication out here because packing it is not working.  She hasn't had any here since summer.  I have tried talking to the foster caregiver, the worker and so on.  We need a solution because I know this can affect her grades and I don't want people thinking it is because she doesn't want to do her school work or she is acting out or such, when it could be as simple as making sure she has her meds on a consistent basis.  I have notified her worker and I am hoping that we can find a solution.  I do not think it is an on purpose thing.  I think it has a lot to do with the excitement of coming home and it just is not a priority so gets forgotten.

This time she was coming home to a surprise.  We got her a whole winter wear wardrobe.  And I got them all at a great price thanks to several of the sites I am on for getting good quality used things and some peoples generosity.  She was very happy with her new wardrobe.  In fact most of the pieces she had never worn those styles but once she put them on she glowed with happiness and in fact she said she looked great.  She was complimenting herself for once.  It was awesome.  Almost everything is name brands and very stylish.  Only 4 things didn't fit(we got her over 40 pieces) and one she didn't like.  So I think that was a home run.  Many pieces are so nice she could go to school or a job interview in.  lol  She refused to wear any of her old stuff the entire time she was here.  And told me that she now fully trusts my shopping for clothes for her because I make sure the pieces would be something that is stylish and would look good on her.  So a home run in that department.

Some of my daughters new outfit pictures

She has also made another friend.  One of my friends in town is a foster mom who also adopted her kids as well.  Her youngest, who is a 12yr old boy, came with all of us to coffee the first Saturday my daughter was here.  They hit it right off.  So well in fact that the kids went on a father child outing together.  The sons father got 4 free tickets to see Thor.  So since I had taken my daughter out to the movies in the summer it was decided that she and my partner would go with this boy and his dad.  They all had a blast.  She also had two of her other friends over for a games night as well.  We all played monopoly and had cake.  It was a ton of fun.  We are planning several activities with this family during  Christmas break.  Bowling, swimming at the leisure center and New Years Eve pot luck party here at our home and ice skating.  So now she has 3 friends and will hopefully meet another one of my friends 12yr old daughter this coming holiday as well.  I am trying to help her build a good friend base here so that when she moves home this summer she has friends here already to make the transition that much easier.

We all got to decorate as well on the first Saturday after our littlest one was in bed.  We turned up the Christmas music, built our 3D village, my partner did the lights on the tree and my daughter decorated it.  She had so much fun decorating and did a fantastic job as you can see in the photos. 

Christmas Decorating photos

She also surprise us a few times this week.  When the bad weather hit, out of the blue she volunteered to do some of the shoveling and she followed through too.  Then on another occasion I was having a bath and my partner was working till nine.  I heard her in the kitchen and when I came out she was working on doing the dishwasher.  No one asked her she just decided to do it.  On another occasion she was in a grumpy mood and that evening out of no where she just said "Mom I am sorry I was so grumpy today."  I told her thank you, and that we totally appreciated the apology as well.  I love having such a considerate daughter.

I did contact the school with her workers permission because of missing most of the week of school.  Two of her teachers sent homework.  English and Social.  She read what the teach for English sent and then wrote a short story.   For social I did tell the teachers she did not have any of her books so he sent about 30 pages to download.  Only one segment I was not able to download and print off because I didn't have that program.  He asked for her to finish her timeline.  I had no idea what he meant by that but he also wanted her to study the rights of the natives and the Metis.  So since I had no previous work here for her to do a timeline I asked her to write an Essay instead.  Just a page and a half one.  That way she could show her teacher she did read the pages and understood them.  She asked me what some of the words were and once I explained those she did well.  I looked over both but thought she did well on them.   Hopefully her teachers are happy with that.  I did email them also to let them know she will be here for Christmas vacation so if they could let me know what the homework will be over the holidays and what books she will need during that time then I can talk to her foster caregiver and make sure they are packed so we can work on her homework and help her improve her grades.  I did notice that she is still the type of child that works hard for praise.  She consistently wants to know what I think and will work hard on her work if she knows I will be going over it.  So I am doing the same thing that I did when she was younger if I see a mistake.  I point out several of the things she did well, then point out what and why something is wrong and finish it with more praise for the other stuff.  In this way I don't get any frustration from her and she is very inclined to work to improve what could be wrong.  I don't give her the answers.  I don't believe in doing that.  Instead I will give her similar examples to work from to figure out the solution.  That way she learns the work herself.

She also wrote two letters.  One to each of her brothers.  I printed those off for her and she has two of her school photos that she wants to include in the envelop.  One for each of them.  So she is going to give them to her foster caregiver to give to her worker to pass on to my sons worker. So hopefully my sons worker will give it to my sons. I also talked to my daughters foster caregiver and she let me know that the people who have my sons called her.  They asked her if my daughter is moving home.  I think they are reading it on here and needed verification.  She told them that yes she is moving home this summer permanently.  This must be very confusing for them.  Being told by the crappy original adoption worker all the lies and then seeing the proof of what I have been saying all along.  I do feel sorry for them.  They do want a family and I hope in the future they get the family they long for.  But it will not be my family.  My family has suffered enough and we deserve to have our hell finally ended and be all together.  My sons will be coming home too.  It is just a matter of a few more pieces falling into place and a little time and they will be home too.  I just hope they can find it in their hearts for my sons, my daughter and for me to allow us all to finally have a visit this Christmas.  That would be a Christmas miracle that our family has waited for, for too long.  I have not heard from my sons worker since she told me she is having a meeting with her supervisor and with all the excitement last week I didn't have a chance to email her.  So I will first thing tomorrow.

So that was our wonderful visit.  She is also considering photography as a hobby.  She loves to take pictures and took literally over 200 this past week. Most are really good shots.  Now just waiting to pick her up on the 21st.  The count down to Christmas begins.  It is going to be one of the best in a very long time and if we all get to have a reunion then it will be even better.  Keep us in your thoughts that everyone opens up their hearts and allows for all of us to have a visit this season.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another Entry By My 15yr Old Daughter: Leaving Hell's Kingdom

This entry is by my daughter.  I will post my thoughts at the bottom.  The only changes is to names and places.

Many wonder if when you die you go to Hell; some wonder if you can leave it as well.  I didn't have to die to go to Hell, and I have left it.

It was May, I was twelve, my brothers were six and three.  My grandmother had been doing her usual; pinching my ears and dragging me all over the place.  She liked to blame me for things that either she did to make an excuse to hurt me, or things she knew other people did to hurt me.  Everything involved either physical, emotional, or both pain.

One morning her husband drove me to school, I was ready to present my planets projects.  I had been working on it really hard at the school library.  I had been doing really well at science.  I had found out I was interested in astrology and astronomy.  I desired to be an astronomer.  My grandmother told me that I would fail at it.  I would fail at everything.

I got to school and walked to my locker.  It was empty after my grandmother had arrived at my school and had humiliated me in front of everyone at my school because of my messy locker.  I grabbed my English and social stuff,  We had been learning about Athens and story writing.  Kids sneered at me as I past them.  My grandmother had done enough to make me hated at school.

Class passed by without much problems.  I gathered my science stuff, ready for my project to be presented.  I had studied Uranus as the planet I was interested in.  I got to class a few minutes early and sat down in my desk at the front. My eyesight had started to decline and I was places at the front desk.

The presentations went by quickly.  Most were five minutes long.  Finally all Uranus people were called up.  A boy and I went up to the front.  I was picked to go first.  I handed out my paper to everyone about my planet.  I put up the slideshow, a large blue planet with rings going around it was brought up.  So I started.  My project was at least fifteen minutes long.  Most of the students were in shock.  I sat down and listened to the rest of the projects, proud that I had succeeded on one thing.

I remember that after we were given a worksheet on the planets.  It was fifteen minutes until lunch.  My teacher tapped on my shoulder.  I turned and saw worry in her eyes.  She told me to gather my stuff and put it in my locker.  I was needed in the office.  I did as she told me and was led to a room with a man and a woman sitting in it on comfy looking chairs.

I sat down and watched them for a moment.  The man said something and we had small talk.  A few minutes later they looked at me and told me that I was being removed from my grandmother's house.  I was shocked.  I asked what happened.  They said that they had evidence that my grandmother was abusing me.  I asked them if they had already picked up my brothers.  My youngest brother yes.  My other brother was still at school.  I said that they could tell me the details later.  I wanted to see my brothers without my grandmother separating us.

I was taken over to the elementary school, we sat in the lobby.  Memories of being in elementary school arrived like a tsunami.  I wanted to see my brother mom.  The principal walked to us with my brother beside him.  I got up and ran to hug my little brother.  I hated that I was finally allowed to hug him when we had been removed.  We went to the Children's Services Office.  Our social worker was standing there. 

Our social worker explained that we were being removed from my grandmother.  My youngest brother played with some toys.  I listened to everything he had to explain.  I had always hated him. He twisted everything.  Finally he left to get lunch, McDonalds in fact.  I read to my brothers while waiting to have a bite to eat.

Finally he returned and I filled up on lunch.  I had been eating very little with my grandmother making me eat no dinner.  We got in a car and were driven to a smaller town.  A woman stood in the front of her house, the very house we were going to.  She looked old and walked with a cane.  We unloaded all of our stuff, including my garbage bag of few clothes and one blanket.

Her house was large and very clean.  there were two girls already living there.  She had a fancy cat three and a female white cat.  I was shown into the guest bedroom.  They had a large trampoline, a quiet basement and a twin bedroom that my brothers would be sharing.

The woman went into the kitchen with the people who dropped me off. In a few minutes I was called into the kitchen. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the worst thing ever to happen to me.

I sat down at the table and listened. They told me that they were going to separate me from my brothers, that another family was going to take me.  I felt like a possession, an item sold and bought by many owners.  I argued and told them that I had to be there for my brothers, that they needed me.  They wouldn't listen.

The next day I gathered what little things I had and put them in the vehicle that was there to take me to the foster home I live at now.  I turned to my younger brother and told him that I was going away for a while, but that I would be back.  My youngest brother cried as I hugged them both.  I sat in the car and watched as I was driven to the new family.

I remember that the new family had to pick up their son and daughter.  I needed to get a frame I had forgotten.  AS I left for a second time I asked how long my youngest brother had been crying.  They told me the whole time and he hadn't stopped.  My younger brother had a glassy dead look in his eyes.

That was the day I was permanently removed from my grandmother and my brothers.

When she read this too me I was so angry.  This happened only a few months after the trial where the judge had said it was bad for their mental health to be removed from my mother.  Which is because he would not allow my witnesses to testify to what was actually happening in that home.  If he had he might have seen the horrors this woman was doing to my children.  But instead of finally being able to be saved from her grandmothers abuse, children services continues the mental abuse with keeping her separated from her brothers.  If they had just told me that they were taking the kids from her and that they had screwed up royally and given me my children back so much pain could have been stopped from happening.  But no.  They had to continue covering their screw up making my children suffer for more years to come.  My children need to be reunited.  My sons need to come home where there sister will be permanently in a few more months. 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Tribute To A Very Dear Friends Stolen Angel: You Will Never Be Forgotten

As many know my blog is about many things but usually about the abuse of 7 children by one woman, the struggle with dealing with a corrupt system and the fight to have my children returned to me.  My daughter has also gained much by being able to share her thoughts and her feelings on here as well.  But today's post is something different. 

Todays is a tribute post.  A post dedicated to a beautiful angel that was born to a very loving family.  An angel that was born with many struggles that her family tried all they could do to help.  An angel that had a mother that loved her so much that she made the hardest decision a mother could ever face just to try and make sure she got all the help she possibly could.  An angel that ended up suffering in such horrific ways because of a corrupt system.  A system that made it next to impossible for her loving and devoted mother to protect her.  And a system that ended up causing this beautiful angel to leave this earth way too early.

This angels name is Samantha Martin.  She passed away on December 3, 2006.  She endured so much neglect from the people that her loving mother had entrusted with her care.  Her mother was promised, assured and out right lied to that she was receiving all the medical attention that her mother was not able to access for her.  Only to find out after her beautiful angel passed away that not only did the worker not see her daughter for 14 months, that she didn't even see a doctor for 3yrs.  A beautiful angel who only deserved the best in life failed in the most important ways and a loving mother who had her hands tied from stopping it. 

But even in her grief, that is still as fresh and painful as it was on the day of her passing, this loving mother sends roses to the medical staff who tried valiantly to save her daughter's life. So even in so much pain she is still thanking those people that tried so hard for her daughter.  And that is something I see so often in this beautiful angel's loving mother.

Her loving mother is one of the most incredible women I know.  Her name is Velvet Martin and I consider my world richer in so many ways because I can call her my friend.  She has helped change laws in her daughters name:

Samantha's Law:  Samantha's Law

But even with doing that she also finds time to help other families in their struggle against a system designed to pull families apart instead of working to keep them together.  She always finds time to answer the smallest question, finds time to be a shoulder to lean on, finds time to give support and encouragement.  In every act she does she is keeping her beautiful daughter's name and life alive in the here and now.  I know in our home everyone knows who Samantha is, so do our friends. 

On this day that I know brings my friend so much sadness, I want her to know that not only is she an incredible woman to be admired but that she created a beautiful daughter who, if she had been able to be here would be so very proud of her mother.  You both have and are changing the world and changing the world of many families and children. I am honored to know you.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Poems By My Daughter: Family Tears & LIfe

Here are some more poems my daughter wrote.  Being able to write poetry has really helped in giving her a voice to release her feelings in all of this.  My thoughts follow each poem.

Family Tears
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it all,
Every time I sit at home or I'm at a mall,
I see both Mothers and Fathers
Walking with their sons and daughters.
I realize that I can't be with my family
I can only be with me.

Every time I close my eyes
I always see Mom and Dad and cry.
I see Little Bro sitting and playing and grin
And I always want to be there with him.
I see the animals playing or being lazy
And my depressed emotions go crazy.

Salty tears running down my cheeks,
I don't care if people think I'm weak.
I miss the place where I belong,
And sadness fills my song.
A monster tore our family apart,
A beast that was and is very smart.

I can only hope I'll be home soon
With Dad and I gazing at the moon
Cuddling with mom while she reads to me
With Little Bro as he talks and screams to me.
All I want to do is sit at home
With mom, knowing that I'm not alone.
WOW this really hit me.  I know she misses us so much when she is not here.  And it really bothers me that Children Services is ok causing all my children this kind of pain.  Especially since there is no reason to keep them from me.  Thank goodness that in a few more months this will all be over for her and she will be home for good.  Hopefully followed quickly by her brothers.
Life isn't ever perfect,
But life is worth it.
Sometimes you are in pain
But your hope shouldn't ever wane.
Even if darkness envelopes your sight
There will always be a ray of light.
People can be good, people can be bad,
Life can be joy, life can be sad.
It doesn't matter your looks,
It doesn't matter if you read books,
It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor,
It doesn't matter if your dreams soar.
It matters what you do now and here,
So that everyone's joy is near.
After all my daughter has endure and realizing the age she is now; this becomes even more powerful for me.  She never has lost hope.  She tells me at least once a day she knows her brothers are coming home.  Can't say when but she knows our family will once again be whole.  She inspires me so much and gives me so much strength even while not realizing it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Acknowledge What We Want To Acknowledge

This is something I have learned about the majority of workers I have dealt with since this all began.  That they will only acknowledge what they want to.  Everything else does not exist.  Today I heard back from my sons worker.  You would think I would be happy about that.  Communication can't be a bad thing, right?  Wrong.  Lack of acknowledging things and twisting them to suit what you want to be can be very frustrating. 

Originally she asked to have time to go through the file.  I thought that was fair and told her I would email her a week later to see what head way had been made.  In every email I sent though I stated my request for my children to have phone contact and physical contact.  Stating each time that with the b-days and Christmas that they should be allowed to see each other.  Especially since communication was cut between them for no reason.  None.  And even more important my daughter was promised by the workers AND the people who my sons were placed with that contact would NEVER be cut between them.  Then within in a few months that is exactly what they did with no reasoning given.  So over and over I stated my request for them to get a chance to see each other along with phone contact. I also stated in each email my request to have contact as well.  And the previous one my request for pictures.  I emailed a week later like I had stated.  No response.  So two days later I emailed again.  Again no response.  So today I was going to email again(4 days after the last one).This is what I received today:

"To bring you up to speed I have started to familiarize myself with your children’s files but still am nowhere close to having all the information. I can tell you I am scheduled to meet with my supervisor on Dec 16 to discuss a number of cases I have; it will be at this meeting where I will discuss your request for up dated pictures of the boys and telephone contact between the boys and your daughter. After my meeting with I hopefully will have some further answers to provide to you."

That is it.  No mention of anything else.  No mention of my repeated request for contact, no mention of my repeated requests for them to see each other.  Nothing.  No mention of any of the other things I mention either in that email.  This is what it is like to deal with the majority of workers.  And a huge difference in how things seem to be with my daughters new worker.  This is what I received at my last email communication with her(She had not responded to me in about 2 months hence the apology):

"Sooo Sorry!!
 Wish I could let you know all the icky stuff that’s been preventing me from answering my e-mails.  I will reframe it by saying that I was 100% confident that things were going well and that you didn’t “need” me for a while.  I’m very glad that the visits are going so well and that she is becoming involved in the community and making friends in your city.  That is perfect and wonderful transitioning!"
See the difference.  She got to know the file and seriously read it.  She then met with me and saw me and my partner for what we really are and saw the situation for what it really was.  She went on to answer all my questions and discussed ways for handling some issues I brought up.  She also talked about things we are doing to prepare for my daughter moving home and for the PGO to be thrown out or ended.  So far I am being pleasantly surprised with just how open and helpful that my daughters worker is being.  I wish we had had a worker like that from the beginning.  My children would have been home long ago and the PGO would have never happened.
So my response back to my sons workers was reminding her of my other requests, letting her know that I am disappointed in how long this was taking to get contact happening when it should never have been cut in the first place.  I gave her the contact number to my community support worker and her name and let her know I had signed a release for her to talk to her.  I also told her that my daughters worker was trying to contact her and she should also get a hold of her as well. I told her I would email her again in 2 days to see what came of those phone calls.  Then I reminded her that it is the holidays and it is suppose to be about families and that my children should at the very least(like I had stated multiple times before) be able to see each other and visit each other during those holidays. 
I am so sick of how long this is taking.  It has been 3 yrs since I last saw my sons.  4 yrs since they had last all been together with me for a holiday.  I hope our Christmas miracle will happen this Christmas and that we will all be reunited, even if it is just for a visit for now.  Please keep us in your thoughts that our Christmas miracle will happen.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Edmonton Journal Reveals Just How Dangerous Foster Care Is In Alberta

I was in shock today when I logged onto the internet and saw this newspaper article:

Fatal Care: Foster care tragedies cloaked in secrecy

"They suffocated in bed, committed suicide, succumbed to disease — 145 Alberta children died in foster care since 1999, and the government hasn’t told you"

I read through the article and cried as I read the what the Edmonton Journal was reporting after a 4 year legal battle after the journal submitted a request to obtained the internal death records through a freedom of information request submitted by the Journal in 2009. 

In the Journals own words: "The Alberta government has dramatically under-reported the number of child welfare deaths over the past decade, undermining public accountability and thwarting efforts at prevention and reform.

A six-month Edmonton Journal-Calgary Herald investigation found 145 foster children have died since 1999, nearly triple the 56 deaths revealed in government annual reports over the same period."

I knew it was bad in Alberta and in Canada over all but I had no idea it was this bad.  The public really needs to open their eyes and see the problem that is the CPS industry in Alberta.  I am not saying it should be abolished.  I am saying that it needs serious reform, the privacy laws lifted so that no one can hide behind them.  Obviously the children are not protected by it.  These children paid with their lives for it. 

We as a province and a nation need to stand up.  Not just those who have had to deal with CPS but everyone.  We need to fight to protect these children from the system itself until changes are made. 

Some people have wondered why I worry so much for my children.  THIS IS WHY.  My children went through more horrendous physical and mental torture the moment they went into care.  Even to this day my sons psychological needs are not being met and I can't say either way if their other needs are.  Please share the link above as much as you can.  The time for sticking our heads in the sand has ended.  Nothing can change without everyone standing together and fighting for change. 

And please keep my children in your hearts and mind that they will be safe till they return home.

UPDATE: Wildrose Calls For Debate In Deaths Of Alberta Children In Care

The emergency debate was rejected

CTV Edmonton: Defending Child Intervention System  -
the best in Canada? Really? That is why a known child abuser was given my children to abuse at her leisure? To starve so that a 2yr old was 10 pounds underweight? Who threaten me with never seeing my children again if I ever took them to a doctor or police again? WOW, Then Canada and Alberta need a ton more work to reform it. If it was their kids that died in these ways or tortured in these ways they would be screaming for reform.

Questioning Foster Care 'Should Not Be Allowed' Says Association Head -If they are doing everything right then why would they have a problem with people questioning them about what is happening to children in the care of the province? Only abusers thrive in secrecy. The survivors and their families want and need a voice if this is ever to be fix in any way.

Restrictive Law Silences Grieving Parents - Even in death in this province parents can not speak their child's name

Living, Dying in the Shadows - The stories of some of the children who died in care.

The Story of One Alberta Foster Child We Wanted To Tell You But Can't - The story of one of the babies who died in government care.

Dear Mister Hancock - A letter from Velvet Martin, mother of deceased Samantha Martin who is one of the victims of government care and cover-ups, to Mister Hancock.  Very raw and very well stated.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Your Are 15 Today

WOW has this year flown by.  Last year at this time we were not even allowed to talk to you on a phone.  This year we got to have you here earlier in the month to celebrate your b-day.  And next year you will be permanently home with the PGO close to being thrown out or ended. 

Pictures of my daughters 15th b-day at home 

Sadly things seem to be in reverse for you and your brothers.  Last year you got to talk to them, see them, exchange gifts and so on.  This year you have had the contact cut at no choice from you.  Breaking the promise you were given.  Hopefully this new worker that they have will be working hard to correct the abuse and wrongs that have been done to all of you and help you to have contact with them.  And hopefully in the next year we will all be together permanently once again.

I am so very proud of you.  I have learned so much about you in this past year.  I have learned that even after all my mother did to break you down, you in fact turned it around to make yourself stronger.  You have more strength then I did at your age.  After all your grandmother did to brainwash you into hating me instead you opened your heart and have shown that you not only love me but adore your new little brother and your new step dad too. 

You are a young lady who has an incredibly caring heart.  Especially after all the abuse, injustices done against you, you still want to help others.  You still want to be an inspiration to others.  You want to give other kids a voice where they don't have any.  You don't want to see any one else suffer.  This is so amazing to me. 

Then add to that your desire to write and be a vet.  You have a career path all planned out.  At 15 that is amazing.  You know what colleges you want to go to, you know what you need to get in, your already publishing some of your writing on here and it is amazing. 

I know part of you is still hurting.  I know part of you is still scared.  Scared of failure because you learned the smallest mistake meant the worst punishments imaginable, rejection or even death threats.  I know you are worried about doing or saying the wrong thing to people and them turning their backs on you.  I can promise you that the people that are worth having in your life will not do that.  And when we had your party and you told your friends that you could talk to me about anything, you have no idea how honored and proud of you I was.  I am so glad you have over came that fear of saying or doing the wrong thing with us and have learned that we will always be here and will always love you.  That tells me that these fears do not control you.  That you can over come them too.

I am so very proud of you.  I know you go through so much at school with the bullying and my hope is that once you move home you will more easily be able to be accepted and make friends.  You have grown into such a beautiful young woman inside and out and I am so proud that you are my daughter.  Happy birthday sweetheart.

Messages from your caring fans from all over the world along with right here at home:

"Sending her love and good thoughts. I've been following your journey with your kids and I admire both your strength and her strength. I do hope you can spend her birthday with her and that it is a wonderful day!"

"Have a wonderful birthday! Hope you have the best day ever! You are one strong woman and I know you will be whatever you choose to be! And you may post our names! Love The Stewart."

"You are fabulous! You are the best big sister to ALL your brothers. You are loving and caring and feisty and smart and clever! You give a voice to children and teens who are going through horrible times.  My birthday wish for you is that you gain happiness, peace, love and healing, and move towards and through a wonderful life!"

"Celebrate yourself! No matter what others do, they can't make you someone you aren't. YOU ARE WHO YOU WANT TO BE! Let them go, and choose your path..."

"Happy Birthday! High school years suck for most ( and more for others) this too will pass and in 3 years, hopefully less, you will be where YOU choose to be. Happy Birthday! Stay strong!"

"Happy Birthday. 15 is a great age. I've known you since you were just a little girl. I have always been impressed with your sweet demeanor and how smart you are. Lots of love."

"Happy birthday! I have read some of you poetry and am very impressed. You have a brilliant talent, young lady!  Keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration to many people, no doubt. Keep reading, keep writing, keep sharing love with others. Keep learning, keep exploring, keep growing into a strong young woman. Keep striving to help others to find their courage.  And again, happy birthday!"

"You may be unaware just how many other victims that you are bringing hope to and allowing them an outlet to eventually find their voice too. Thanks for being an inspiration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

"Happy Birthday, and thank you, in advance, for doing what is fearless and bold. It is because of you, our children, why we are protecting you and your rights....in a perfect world"

"I'd like to send you a big hug, and tell you that you are an amazing young woman. I know that you like to write, and I'm very happy for you finding a creative outlet, for letting me and others get to know your wonderful self through your poems. You are here for great things! You are here for success, for love, for happiness. Please keep writing, keep showing the world the amazing young woman you are, keep showing yourself the incredible human being you're becoming, keep making yourself proud. Happy birthday!!"

"Happy birthday. You're an amazing person and an inspiration to us all. Have the best day and keep writing. Stay strong sweets x"

"Let me first wish you a very Happy Birthday and lots of love and strength for your 15th year
Your bravery astounds me. Heaven knows that a lot of people would, and have, given up under far less but your sense of composure and determination is an inspiration. Your story is a part of you and I think that, although you should never have been through what you have, you have acquired a strength and understanding that is beyond your years as a result.
Talking and writing about what has happened to you is so very important. For yourself, to receive validation of your feelings, to vent your frustrations and anger but also to show that most damage is done behind a curtain of silence. With the strength and support to speak out and say "no more!", you will give others courage to face their abusers, confront their internal demons and move forward in a healthier, happier way.
As I said, an inspiration; So, again, Happy Birthday. You are indeed a remarkable young lady and I am sure will become an exceptional adult. Have a wonderful day and know that, even from many miles away, your story and spirit has indelibly changed the outlook of one woman."

"You must be a very strong young woman, because every adversity in life makes us stronger. You've been through a lot and you've turned out to be so wonderful and loving. I see big things in your future. Your story can help so many. I wish you a very happy birthday!"

"  'Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.'  - Albert Einstein

Every time you stand up to things like teenage bullying, you are setting that example. It helps others to find their own voice. That is a very powerful thing! You go girl! Happy Birthday!! You're a special girl who is very loved!"

"Happy upcoming 15th birthday young lady...So sorry for the abuse you got. Keep up writing and expressing yourself because the world does listen even when you think it isn't."

"Happy birthday, a brave and strong young woman. "

"Happy birthday - have a wonderful time with your family - may this be the first of many many more xxx"

"Happy Birthday Young lady. You are an excellent writer, continue with what you do best in everything you do- keep it up xoxo"

"Happy 15th birthday sweetie I hope you have a great day on your day, keep your head up and keep up your writing. You have talent and don't stop because of others. Happy Birthday! Mary"

"Happy Birthday Continue writing the poems it does help other people"

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Another New Worker For My Sons

Finally I got a hold of my sons new worker.  I have not updated much on them because I have been trying to just get one of them to contact me.  As you have read in their b-day posts I emailed both the worker that first was in charge of their file when they moved to the new city and their supervisor many times with no response.  Which meant no place to mail off gifts.  My daughter even attempted emailing them to hopefully be allowed to at least talk to her brothers on their birthday.  Of course no response was ever given to her. 

Finally I emailed the supervisor(I think the 3rd or 4th time) and said that if I did not hear from her within 2 business days that I would then contact her superior.  I sent that email on a Sunday figuring if I was going to hear back it would be on a Monday.  No worker has ever emailed me on a weekend.  Well I heard back that same evening.  She let me know that their worker resigned.  And no one could inform me of this in all the months I was repeatedly emailing?  Of course not.  She then stated that since my daughter was not in my custody and she was PGO, and since there was nothing in my sons file about contact with me, that she would not discuss contact between them with me but would contact my daughters worker.  I had informed her in my emails that my daughters new worker had a plan in place for my daughter to return home by the summer and the PGO ended but she would not budge.  I refused to give up so emailed her again explaining that the previous workers had cut contact between my sons and I with no court order.  That I had the emails to prove that they even refused email contact with me after the trial verdict.  She ignored all messages till the day she was leaving on a month long holiday.  Then she emailed me that afternoon giving me the contact information of the worker who would have my sons file till the end of October(10 or so days) and that they would have a new worker after that.  No mention of the next workers contact information and no mention of anything I had asked or stated in the previous emails.  I should be used to having my questions ignored and my concerns treated like they are unimportant.  But it still frustrates me.

I finally got the name of the new worker.  I sent her an email detailing several things along with how my file was badly mishandled, how my children were tortured physically and mentally while under kinship care and how there was obvious bias in the handling of my file.  I was polite but to the point.  I didn't get a reply back so I sent another one two days later.  I did hear back from that email.  The new worker was polite.  She let me know she had not yet gone over the file. That she had just recently filled the position.  So very politely asked me for time to read the file and then asked that once she did that if we could then meet.  Very understandable request.  So I replied back.  I thanked her for getting back to me, let her know that I thought her request fair.  I went into a little more detail on how the system failed my family and put them at risk and how that is now finally coming to light.  I let her know that I would contact her in one week to see what head way she had made.  I made it very clear(politely) that I was not going away and would do anything and everything needed to bring all my children home where they belong.  I also let her know that distance might be an issue when it comes to a meeting(there city is 6-8 hours from where we reside) but if that was what had to happen for my sons to come home we would arrange it.

I have not heard back but I figure she will respond when I email her next week.  I am hoping that this worker will be more helpful in allowing visits between my daughter and her brothers but also in allowing contact between my sons and I and their new little brother. 

Last year I never thought my daughter would be in a position to be moving home and the PGO dropped.  I am hoping this next coming year will have just as much and more positive things happening.  It would be wonderful if my sons could be home in the coming new year.  My Christmas wish for this year?  Having my whole family together(even if it is just for a visit to start the process of transitioning my sons home).  I know it is a long shot but I am hoping that we can have our first visit during the Christmas holidays while my daughter is here so we can all get a family picture together.  It has been way too many years since we have all been together.  Keep us in your thoughts that this Christmas miracle will happen for all of us.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

You Don't Know Me - A Poem By My Daughter

This poem she wrote about the bullying she has endured.  I will give my thoughts at the bottom.

You Don't Know Me

You call me names and laugh,
you push me around and point.
You're too proud, you're too daft,
you pull every nerve out of joint.

You all think you know me,
you think you know my story.
I am more then you see,
You'll hear my story, don't worry.

I've been through more then you know,
I've been hurt more then anyone knows.
It's sad what I have been through,
And yet you want to have me shunned.

The smile you see is fake,
Used to cover up my pain.
I have been hurt by one snake,
Someone drinking my pain like rain.

I have been pushed around,
I have been called many names.
In pain I hear no sound,
yet everyone still calls me lame.

You wonder who I am?
I am most people you see.
Some of the people who cry.
But people, you still don't know me.

This poem hit me hard when I read it.  My daughter attends a really small school and has been bullied really badly there.  When she was with my mother my mother would tell some of the students nasty things about her so they would also bully her.  Before going to my mothers my daughter was not the least bit shy.  She made friends pretty easily.  She was very outgoing.  Very confident.  And yes the confidence got her in trouble some times.  Now she feels safest at home.  Now she has a hard time trying new things.  Now she is easily embarrassed and is shy. 

I feel like I am looking in the mirror at my younger self.  I worry she will follow my path instead of her own.  She has dreams and goals.  So did I.  But I was too scared to pursue them.  The damage my mother inflicted on her mentally and physically is enduring but it does not need to be eternal, not like some of it has been for me. 

When she moves here she will have so many more opportunities that are in her interests.  Every time she is here we try to get her doing new things, meeting new people, going out.  So far this weekend she has made scrabbled eggs for the first time herself since she was with me when she was younger.  She forgot how to do simple things like that.  She was so proud of herself.  We also put up the dart board and taught her to play darts.  She was so self conscious the first night.  But yesterday she was actually praising herself for throwing well.  We celebrate her victories with her, showing her she can do.  She is not her failures.  She is her victories.  And she is learning she can turn failures into victories. 

Another sad trait she has picked up is over apologizing.  And that is an understatement.  At times it almost seems like she will apologize for existing.  Almost like she is terrified to make a mistake because that mistake will lead to loss of family or extreme punishment.  She is learning that she does not need to worry about that here. 

She says "You don't know me" in the title of the poem for others.  But I know her.  She is beautiful, she is strong, she is loving, she is talented, she is loyal, she is helpful, she is intelligent, she is fun, she is so much more then what people know or see.  With help from the community and friends I hope to stop her path of following in my footsteps and hope to watch her forge her own path with new found confidence.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How Far Will CPS Go To Cover Up Their Crimes?

Most people think that CPS is working hard to keep families together, help them when there are issues but only if things are really bad will children be removed.  Well my case proves that none of that is true.  Even my daughters current worker, who has gone over the entire file with her supervisor, has stated that all I needed was some guidance and help.  Not the permanent removal of my children. 

So now that a worker has stated that our file was clearly mishandled, where it was full of miscommunication and that we had done everything right you would think that CPS would then correct their HUGE error and start actively working on returning my children.  In regards to my daughters you would be right.  There is a plan for her to move home this summer.  When it comes to my sons the answer seems to be no.  In fact they are not even allowing communication for my daughter and her brothers.  She didn't get to talk to her middle brother on his birthday either this week.  I have sent repeated emails to both my sons worker and her supervisor and have not gotten a response back.  Not one. 

So here we are.  We teach out kids that if you make a mistake you need to do what you can to correct it.  So what is CPS teaching our kids in this situation.  We screw up but you get to suffer.  We did everything right.  My daughters worker has confirmed that everything we say for the timeline of things coincides with what their files stated and also matches when they started noticing a change in my mothers behavior towards my children.  But was my mother being watched even when they noticed these changes in her behavior?  As they watched her make my daughter at age 11 and 12 wear diapers to school?  As they saw the pictures of my middle son in a starved condition?  Did they start to question her and her accusations, that she had NO proof on, while they saw my mother fire any professional that started to see that something was badly wrong?  NO  I was still the bad guy.  Why?  Because if they started to look at my mother they would have to admit that she really pulled the wool over their eyes.  They would have to admit that they had take kids from a loving mother who had never abused her kids and placed them with a very sick and severely abusive woman who they had been warned about over and over again. 

They could not have that.  So they ignored what my mother was doing.  Allowing, even with their knowledge, my children being repeatedly tortured.  And then to add insult to injury they go through with the trial.  Lying and twisting everything they could on the stand to keep their mistakes hidden.  Then to shut up the only person who was fighting for them they cut all contact between me and my children.  But what they didn't realize is that my mother is obviously losing it mentally.  She would never have abused anyone in front of a witness, other then her husbands.  She was so sure of herself that she continued to abuse them even when an old friends moved in.  She had abuse me most of my life and got away with it, she abused the step kids and got away with it, she had abused my children with CPS allowing it to go on and got away with it.  She won the trial so she was certain she was never going to get caught.  So she continued to abuse them.  This person witnessed so much in 5 months.  But not once was she listened to when she would go to that office to report the abuse.  They IGNORED her.  She had to contact the head of social services in the province to be listened to to finally save my kids from the horror that they were suffering.  That is how intent they were in covering up their crimes to my family.

So where does it stand.  I have a new son who is a few days shy of turning one.  My daughter will be moving home this coming summer permanently with the goal of ending the PGO since as her worker said the concerns that were there when the kids were taken are no longer there and have not been for a VERY long time.  So were are my sons?  I know what city they are in.  But there is 0 communication between their worker, her supervisor or myself.  Not for my lack of trying.  My community support worker will attest to that.  She is CC'd every email I send.  Along with being in my home every week since my youngest was born.  I have sent 6 emails to the worker and 3 to the supervisor and gotten not one response.  Not one. 

So people tell me what you think?  How is this right.  They screw up majorly, they keep us apart for several years, they do all they can to cover up their lack of doing their jobs and their obvious bias even when they have evidence that my mother was abusing and lieing.  Yet my kids are not home.  My daughter asks me every visit to never give up on bring her brothers home.  And I promise her I won't.  I promised my oldest son the last few visits we had that I would never give up.  We told him repeatedly "No matter what happens, no matter what any one tells you, we love you and will never stop fighting to bring you and your brother home."  He has not forgotten and neither have we.

The PGO needs to be thrown out.  A criminal can get a whole verdict thrown out on a technicality.  Yet a parent can't get their children returned even who proof of perjury, false allegations, and the main witness having the children removed for sever abuse.  Why should criminals get more rights and protection then a loving parent and children?  Help us continue our fight to reunite our family.  Share our blog.  I say our because this really is not just my story.  It is all our stories.  Mine, the step kids and my children.  Check out the page on the map page for the Facebook link to our fight(you can find pictures and videos there, that CPS ignored, that was proof that my mothers allegations after visits were lies), Like it and share it as much as you can.  If you can find it in your heart please donate to help us pay a lawyer to help us have our children returned home.  You can find the link to our donation page on the map page.  Please help stop 37yrs of hell and help reunite our family and make it whole.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Are 6 Years Old Today

And I am not there to celebrate it with you.  We have now missed 3 years of your life.  That is half your life.  I am so sorry son.  It should have never been this way.  You never deserved this.  None of us did.  I am sorry that your grandma staved you, I am sorry that she stole you away with lies and abuse.  But most of all I am sorry that I was not able to protect you when you were scared and hurt, comfort you when you were sad.  I love you so very much and miss you more then any one can realize. 

We celebrated your b-day today.  We decorated the dining room in Hot Wheels things, had cake, took pictures of your presents.  We got you some Hot Wheels, some talking Disneys Cars and a Giant Disney's Cars pillow that actially opens up to a book.  I will post the link to the pictures tomorrow when I get them downloaded. I really wish you had been here.  I still remember the last b-day we had with you.  We got you all different types of tools.  You loved them.  We still have them.  They are down in your room.  I still remember you laugh and the giggle you would make when we would chase you to tickle you.  Most of all I remember you hugs. 

Pictures of your presents and the table decorations:  Pictures

We have your room ready and waiting.  We got you and your brother loft beds.  It came to us as a perfect idea with how much you and your brother love to make forts.  Hopefully soon you will be laughing and playing in that room.  I hope you felt special today.  I hope the family you are with are treating you kindly.  Most of all I hope they understand that you have a mom who loves you and has every intention of having her family whole.  I will never stop fighting to bring you home.

Sadly you sister wanted so much to talk to you.  But the people you are with are not responding to her email requesting contact with you.  So she wanted her message to be posted here hoping some day you will see it and know her thoughts on your b-day.

"Happy Birthday to my 2nd youngest brother!!! I love you and I really miss your smile and your laugh. I remember one time when I came home from school you were running really fast to the door. You managed to say Beau, before you tripped and landed on your stomach. I love you and my mother,  (donald duck) and I are working really hard on bringing you home!"

Many other friends wanted to send you their wishes and thoughts as well:

"Sending bday wishes from Tennessee"
"Happy birthday"
"Happy Birthday , I hope it is cheery and bright. You are such a awesome young man now! Have a wonderful day"
"Happy Birthday! We're all thinking of you on your special day!!!"
"Happy birthday! All the way from Illinois USA!! "
"Happy 6th Birthday!! Sending you lots of love and hugs...have a wonderful day!"
" I hope you are having a wonderful day with your foster family and even more, I hope that for your next birthday you will be able to celebrate with your mom and everyone else! You have a loving mom, two brothers, a sister and your mom's fiancé who are all waiting to hug you. Happy birthday!"
"Happy Birthday! Have a great day! Your mom loves you and is working really hard to bring you home!"
"Happy Birthday. I still remember the excitement in your Mommy's voice as she told me her choice of your name. You are so loved little man, and hopefully soon you and your brother will be back with your real family. They all miss and love you dearly. Wishing you a great day little one." 
"Happy B-day, hope you shall get your b-day presents soon"

You are loved and wanted by so many.  Our miracle is coming soon son. 

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