Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Another Christmas and Another Holiday Missed With Their Family

Christmas morning is here and we all had so much fun.  But there was obviously 2 very important people missing to make the day complete for everyone.  My two older sons.  Even their worker said this must be frustrating for me.  Frustrating is not the word I would use.  I have missed too many holidays with them and my children have missed too many holidays with each other.  Saying that it is frustrating is a major understatement. 

Even in the excitement of unwrapping there was obvious emotion as we sorted through the gifts, placing my sons aside to get to more gifts for the people here.  It seems Children Services do not see families spending this time together as being that important.  Yet if you tried to tell them they were not allowed to see their children on Christmas I bet they would get extremely angry.  Now imagine being a mom who never abused her children, never did anything to warrant being taken permanently out of her children's lives.  Try imagining what Christmas is like then.  It is like being continually punished over and over again by my mother for not doing anything wrong.  I am not and never have been an abuser, I am not a criminal, I am not an addict, I have always made sure my children had a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothes on their backs and knew they were loved.  So why can't I be with my children and why can't they be with each other?  That is a question that CPS will have to answer sooner then later.  Things are moving fast now.  Something is on the works that will turn this whole case on it's ear.  So keep coming to the blog and looking for updates because soon I will be announcing something that will blow this whole case WIDE open.  Something that does not just involved me, but the step kids too and others.  So watch, and continue to send your support.

As for this morning we had so much fun.  Last night we opened the usual Christmas Eve PJ's.  You can see pictures here:

Christmas Eve Pictures

This morning we had to wake my daughter up.  She has never been one to jump out of bed in the morning.  lol  But once she was up we all had lots of fun.  I made fresh berry crepes for breakfast with ice cream and whip cream.  Everyone got a huge haul of toys but that was not the best part of Christmas.

For us the best part was helping a single parent with two kids have a wonderful Christmas.  We love to do secret santa stuff and this year we learned of a wonderful family that needed a bit of help.  We got them 2 full large boxes of food, a turkey and tons and tons of gifts for the kids and the parent(single parents lots of time get forgotten).  To us all that was the best part of this holiday.  We try to instill in our children that no matter how hard things are, or how good things are, there is always someone who has it worse and to always find a way to give back.  It is the best part of Christmas. 

But then the surprise came right back to us.  Someone secret santa'd us a special gift. An X-Box 360.  WOW.  We all screamed when we unwrapped that.  Will be a nice addition to our entertainment room.  lol  Anyway here are this mornings pictures:

Christmas Morning Pictures

So Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or what ever you say or celebrate; to all my loyal followers and supporters.  We are not giving up the fight to make my family whole.  Please continue to send in your supportive words and keep us in your thoughts.

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