Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Tribute To A Very Dear Friends Stolen Angel: You Will Never Be Forgotten

As many know my blog is about many things but usually about the abuse of 7 children by one woman, the struggle with dealing with a corrupt system and the fight to have my children returned to me.  My daughter has also gained much by being able to share her thoughts and her feelings on here as well.  But today's post is something different. 

Todays is a tribute post.  A post dedicated to a beautiful angel that was born to a very loving family.  An angel that was born with many struggles that her family tried all they could do to help.  An angel that had a mother that loved her so much that she made the hardest decision a mother could ever face just to try and make sure she got all the help she possibly could.  An angel that ended up suffering in such horrific ways because of a corrupt system.  A system that made it next to impossible for her loving and devoted mother to protect her.  And a system that ended up causing this beautiful angel to leave this earth way too early.

This angels name is Samantha Martin.  She passed away on December 3, 2006.  She endured so much neglect from the people that her loving mother had entrusted with her care.  Her mother was promised, assured and out right lied to that she was receiving all the medical attention that her mother was not able to access for her.  Only to find out after her beautiful angel passed away that not only did the worker not see her daughter for 14 months, that she didn't even see a doctor for 3yrs.  A beautiful angel who only deserved the best in life failed in the most important ways and a loving mother who had her hands tied from stopping it. 

But even in her grief, that is still as fresh and painful as it was on the day of her passing, this loving mother sends roses to the medical staff who tried valiantly to save her daughter's life. So even in so much pain she is still thanking those people that tried so hard for her daughter.  And that is something I see so often in this beautiful angel's loving mother.

Her loving mother is one of the most incredible women I know.  Her name is Velvet Martin and I consider my world richer in so many ways because I can call her my friend.  She has helped change laws in her daughters name:

Samantha's Law:  Samantha's Law

But even with doing that she also finds time to help other families in their struggle against a system designed to pull families apart instead of working to keep them together.  She always finds time to answer the smallest question, finds time to be a shoulder to lean on, finds time to give support and encouragement.  In every act she does she is keeping her beautiful daughter's name and life alive in the here and now.  I know in our home everyone knows who Samantha is, so do our friends. 

On this day that I know brings my friend so much sadness, I want her to know that not only is she an incredible woman to be admired but that she created a beautiful daughter who, if she had been able to be here would be so very proud of her mother.  You both have and are changing the world and changing the world of many families and children. I am honored to know you.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for the family and all they had to go through. I can say with equal conviction though that she they are not alone. I to was abused while in foster care and scared so bad I slept with a butchers knife under my pillow for a long long time and trained myself never to allow myself to go into a deep sleep so that I would sense anyone or anything in my room that was out of place. I can tell you of wanting to believe that the CAS was my friend at the age of 3 learning fast how much of a fantasy that was. I know a lot of survivors that would love to tell their stories to someone or something that gives a turkey. Good luck and congratulations for finally getting free of the drama and the pain you must have suffered, It took a lot of courage and guts. Be Happy.. :-)