Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Will Be Our Year

I feel it in every bone in my body.  This will be our year.  It will be the year we are finally reunited, my daughter is definitely moving home this summer.  You can see that from the latest reply from my daughters worker:

"Also, please remind me closer to the Easter visit to do the letters for you for the school and eye doctor letting them know that you will be resuming care of your daughter in the summer."

So as you can see it is no longer an if.  It is a fact.  Which puts the spot light on CPS as to why my daughter can return home, my youngest son is here, yet my 2 older sons are not.  I am sure that when the couple who has my sons sit down with their worker by the end of January(which she assured me she will be doing) to fill them in on all the facts finally, that they will see that a huge injustice was done to my family.  And if they truly believe in the strength of a family they will want to help my sons be reunited with us and come home.  I have been begging for the department to tell them the truth, share with them the facts and just how far we are will to fight since I heard they were placed with a family.  Everyone who has seen the evidence and knows the true facts, including foster parents and adoptive parents had all said the same to us.  That if they were in this couples place and found out the truth they could not morally continue to pursue adoption or keep us from contact. 

Last year at this time we only had email or FB contact with my daughter and an adoption worker who admitted to not reading the whole file but had decided that "kids are not removed without a reason." She could not even consider that mistakes could be made, that someone could make false allegations, that workers could refuse to look at video, audio and other evidence that would prove the person making the allegations as lying.  She was 100% focused on wanting that adoption bonus.  She wanted to adopt out my sons and daughter no matter what.  She told me that I would never see my sons again and that I lived in a fantasy world to even think any of my kids would return home.  She even told my daughter the exact same things.  She even went so far as to threaten my youngest son with telling my daughter "that he just hasn't been taken yet" when there was 0 concerns from anyone.  This was recorded by my daughter in secret, which is totally legal since she was a part of the conversation.  My community support worker heard the tape and is prepared to testify to that threat on the stand.  That is how far this worker was willing to go to cover up what I am sure she had figured out to be gross injustices to my family. 

So I guess I am living in a fantasy world since my daughter is returning home.  And I will continue to live there as we work to have my sons returned home.  We are only 6 months from my daughter being here permanently.  6 months.  that is it.  So much has changed since a year ago.  And I know with everything in the works, that I can't wait to announce to everyone as soon as I am given the go ahead, a lot will change in the coming new year. 

This is our year people.  With all your support, kind works, dedication to passing on my story and the Facebook page I know this will finally be our year of being a solid whole family.

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  1. Wish you all your dreams finaly come true.. It will be your year, I feel it ..kisses to all your kids and you ..