Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reasons For The Loss of the PGO Review Trial

First thank you everyone for your outpouring of support. We have been overwhelmed by how much so many care from around the world.   It was a hard day yesterday even though we all prepared for the loss a head of time. Isabeau was understandably very angry and upset. She does not understand how the social workers can be proven to lie on court documents, lie to each other, admit to making grave mistakes that led to the PGO yet because of how the law is written not have to be accountable to those mistakes which lead to permanent separation of all of us and continued abuse to her and her brothers. She is not angry in any way at the judge.  We let her know about how he was bound by the legislation and that he gave us so much.  He gave a more accurate history on the stand, though he did not have access to my evidence from prior to the PGO to prove someone of it was still lies.  But he did state that my ex was the addict and not me.  So that got corrected.  He did state that my ex was the one who abused my children and not me.  So that got corrected as well.  And he did take their argument of my suicide attempts off the table because those were caused clearly by the medication I was on that was prescribed by a doctor. 

He also kept her and her little brother safe by outright stating he disagreed with their parental assessor that they hired to assess me who on the stand stated I was fit on all levels but only fit for the 2 children in my current care.  He said he out right disagreed with her about my ability to parent more children.  Which was very important for our current other journey.  So she and her youngest brother is safe and any future children in our home are safe as well.  He clearly stated I proved I was fit, able and willing in every way and had proven it over a long period of time. 

Also when he described some of my serious allegations he stated multiple times that he can't address them as he is bound to only look at the part of the act pertaining to this legislation.  But that it is something that should be address in another court.  He said he would give no judgment or verdict on those but there was indication that there might be some merit.(paraphrasing here).  Hence why we will be bringing a Supreme Court Action in the future.

This judge did literally all he could based on the way he was bound by the legislation.  And I think if the legislation had had the safe guards in it that would hold social workers accountable for their mistakes then he would have sent them home.  We as a family hold no anger towards this judge in any way.  He did all that he could do and it was in fact a lot that will help us with our next steps. 

 Now here is the problem. The way the legislation is written in our province is that once a PGO is granted there is NO requirement on CPS to relook at the parent at any time for any reason. I am not kidding. The way the law is written is once a PGO is granted the social workers main job is to look for a permanent placement for the children. A parent only has 30 days to appeal a PGO and if you have no money to do so you are out of luck regardless of if you can prove that there was clear bias, records altered, abuse not being investigated and so on. There is nothing in the legislation that if a worker makes grave mistakes that ended up causing a PGO that they have to be accountable. NOTHING. And if other workers realize it later they do not have to legally do anything to correct it. As they are protected by the legalities of the PGO being granted and their requirement to just find a permanent home for the children and not have to consider the parents at all at that point. See the problem?

Hence why I can't stop even though I lost my sons. All other parents have stopped at this point. I could only bring forth evidence in this trial that was after the PGO being granted and that was enough to show the clear omitting of facts on court documents, that was enough to show the falsification of facts in court documents, that was enough to prove the extreme abuse my children endured in that home and so on. The stuff from my children being apprehended in Feb 2008-May 2011 when they were removed from the monsters home is the stuff that really blows this out of the water. It proves the same as above as well as them breaking the legislation. Prior to a PGO all efforts must be made to keep the children with the family of origin. I can clearly show that they did not in any way attempt that. That their goal right from the beginning was to keep the children with my mother. I can clearly show they were prejudice against my mental illness/disability. I can clearly show my children were being abused for well over 2 yrs prior to removal by my mother and they did nothing to investigate any of my complaints about it. Nothing because they only saw my disability. There is a lot more I can show.

To change the legislation to protect other families from having this continue to happen I have to sue CPS in Supreme Court. Which I am already looking into doing. If I win, and a BC case just won this year on less evidence then what I have, then from there I can use that to change the legislation to have safe guards in it to protect families and to make social workers accountable for their mistakes. I may never get my kids back but I still can't sit back and do nothing as this continues to happen to others. Because of how well I proved I am fit and because of this other journey we are on my case currently is the strongest case to have a chance at changing the legislation. As I watch the pain my daughter is in it tells me I can't stand by and ignore what CPS here is doing and can do. They can steal children from families, admit grave mistakes and not have to do anything to fix with the end result being families being torn permanently apart for the sake of someone else being able to adopt and CPS making money that way. It is wrong on all levels.

It is literally Legal Kidnapping and there is currently nothing in the legislation to stop them from doing it and they all know it.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

We Won Point A But Could Not Meet Point B

So just got back from the verdict.  The judge stated that he disagreed completely with the department on them stating I could not prove that I was capable and able to resume guardianship of my sons.  And stated that he clearly sees that I won point A.  Which was that I was fit able and willing.

He also stated that the allegations I brought before the court were serious ones but he was stuck with only being able to look at the 2 parts of the Act that this application was under.  He also stated that there is indication that facts might not be accurate and that it was proven that facts given to the people assessing my children were not matching with the evidence.  He also indicated that there is some indication that something is not right with the file.  But upon saying that he stated that because of the time my children have been in the couples home and that they are having their needs met and that there is an attachment there that he could not move them out of the home.  So we lost on point B.  Which is what I expected.  But with his long discussion about my allegations he clearly stated those are issues for another court or application.  Which to me sounded like he was seeing the issues too.

He also stated that there was clear evidence that my children were seriously abused while in that home of that monster.  And stated that he was very impressed, that with no legal experience, that I conducted myself in a very professional and organized manner.

So our ability to get my sons home is effectively ended.  My ability to get justice for my family is not.  He also stated that he hoped contact would be re-established between my daughter and her brothers but we all know the chances of them doing that is non-existent.  They made that promise to my daughters face and then only a couple of months later did exactly the opposite.  Isabeau is very upset.  We did clearly show that the circumstances around contact being cut between her and her brothers was lies.  So that is big.  I do know the couple will have problems in the future if my sons ever learn the truth of how they ended up in that home and all the lies they were told and lead to believe to keep them in that home.  The workers and the department will have a lot of questions to answer for this to them I am sure.  And I hope when the truth does come out that the couple who has my sons will be equally angry for them for how they were lied to as well and lead to believe so many false things about me, my daughter and all the circumstances.

So we have lost this application but I can now look in the mirror and say I know I did all I could to get my sons home.  And I know if they ever contact me and ask what I did to try and get them home that I can show them with all the evidence and the verdict that I did everything to get them home.  There place in this home will never end.  They are my children no matter who's roof they are under and what papers say.  Someone else may raise them but I gave birth to them, I breast fed them, I know them right from conception to their personalities starting to develop and no one can replace that.

So now the next step since we clearly shows the crimes the department and their workers committed and continue to commit along with the case that was won in BC this year for the exact same prejudice I will be filing a Human Rights complaint and also going to the Supreme Court.  So I hope all those workers and more are ready to get on the stand again because I am only just beginning.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 5, 6 and 7 of the PGO Review Trial

I do apologize for the silence for so long this week but with all the emotions and stress of this trial, with no legal counsel to help, I needed the down time after court each day to just focus on my family.  So here is your update.

Monday started off with my landlord testifying.  He attested to giving us permission to build the extra room in our home and how we are as tenants.  Along with how we have kept the home over the past 5+yrs we have been renting it.  He attested to us always paying our rent on time, how we have done some big improvements like replacing lino and painting and that we do all minor repairs ourselves.  He attested to us picking that home because the schools all the kids would need are within a few minutes walk from the house and how there are many parks, a pool and an ice rink all within a few minutes walk.  He attested to overseeing 50-60 rentals and that in his eyes we are one of the best tenants he has ever had.  We adore our landlord and see him and his wife as family.  He also attested to us informing him right from the first interview about our picking the home for the amount of rooms it has for all the kids.

Next came my longest friend whom I have known since high school.  He attested to how it was while I was a victim of domestic violence.  How my ex did all he could to isolate me from even him.  He also attested to the fact that even at that time though I always had a clean home, my kids were well kept and I was not abusive to them at all.  He also attested to as soon as I cut out my abusive ex and was off the meds that had affected me so badly that were being prescribed by my doctor, that I turned my whole life around.  That he has been to our home many times and how it appears, how happy my children are.  He also attested to us doing Holiday Helpers last Christmas to help 50 families in our community and that it was him and his company that gave us the secret santa gift of the gift cards at Christmas as he and his partner did not think it was right that we helped so many and would lose our Christmas for it.  I had suspected but hearing him say it on the stand made it hard for me to keep back the tears.  He also attested to my desire to be a wife and a mother was all I ever wanted to be since the entire time he has known me.

Next came my sons current worker.  She testified that it is was not her job to go through the file to check for facts even if another worker brought it to her attention that facts were now being suspect for being completely wrong about everything.  She confirmed the records I got into evidence as being hers and how accurate they are and so on.  Wish I could tell you what was in those records as it would blow all your minds what goes on behind the scenes when workers know things and how far they will go to stop any parent from being able to get their children returned so as to keep an adoption going forward.  It would shock most of you but I found it sickening and very scary that none of these people had any issue with doing this to families.  I do respect her for the fact that she was honest about the emails and records but for her continued support in causing so much pain to my family I have no respect for.  She did state she would not consider re-evaluating me and that once a child has a permanency worker it is not there job to consider parents if a PGO was granted no matter what info comes forward.  So people if you have all the proof in the world to show that a PGO was granted on false information, omitted facts and on malice it doesn't matter. As far as many workers see it, if the PGO was granted nothing else matters.  My question then is why does the legislation say that if no adoption has occurred then the parents can access this legislation to try and get the PGO re-evaluated?  Why does it not say if the file is moved to a permanency worker you can't access it?

Next came the children's therapist and I liked her.  She was very open and very nice.  She did admit to having no knowledge of very important information, she also acknowledge that there is a chance that there is an attachment there from my sons to me.  She testified to the attachment that is there between the couple and my sons and how continued therapy is going.  If we win I do know I want her to help lead the therapy and finding the therapist here to work with all of us.

Next was the assessor of my children.  I liked him too.  He spoke of the attachment that was there between the couple and my sons and that is developing and his concerns if it is suddenly cut.  Yet he also stated it is like a Chrystal ball in predicting what could happen.  There is no guarantees to either side.  He could not guarantee that with a slow transition, proper therapy and community supports that my children would suffer irreparable harm.  He also stated that RAD can be overcome.  He also stated he found it very concerning how much information was completely omitted, changed or so on when I pointed out the things that came out the past two weeks in court.  Very concerning he stated as I listed off the biggest issues that had gotten on the record.  He also stated no one mention if my sons had told anyone of a desire to move home to me or not and that he could not answer the question of the attachment of my sons to me as he has never met me or observed us together.  But he also stated clearly that attachment is just one piece of the puzzle that the judge has to look at in determining this whole situation.  After his testimony he sat in the court room and continued to watch.  When we were done I got up and went to shake his hand and tell him I thought his report was in no way bias as he had stated a concern that one of the parties might think that.  He then shocked me completely.  He said he had witnessed many self litigated cases over the years with the majority being "Gong Shows" as he put it.  He then smiled at me and said that with me though, from what he saw I was the most professional and organized self litigant he had ever met.  WOW I was in shock and thanked him.  For me the biggest thing he helped with was when the department questioned him at first they tried to cover up all the huge issues that have come out, that have not been disclosed, lied about or omitted by claiming there was only one issue he got that was a mistake which was a time line error.  He stated if that is the only mistake then it is a concern but not a huge one but if there were others he would find that very concerning and depending on what they were he would want to dig further.  So when I started to list them off, from records that are suppose to be documents made for a provincial court that showed falsified facts, huge omissions and so on he was very concerned he stated about them.

He was the last testimony on Tuesday.  Wednesday we gave our closing statements.  Mine was 13 pages long but even the judge stated that he could tell I put a lot of time and effort into it.  Maybe I will post a vetted copy of my closing statement at some point but right now I won't be.  Tomorrow is the possible verdict.  There is a lot for the judge to think about.  We could still lose.  In fact I am preparing to lose because that is all I know.  I know that justice very rarely happens.  I know how powerful Children Services is.  But I have the abuse caused by that monster on the record now.  I have many of the glaring issues and possible crimes by many workers on the record as well.  No longer hidden in the shadows.  And I know, after all this that no matter the verdict I am not done.  If I lose this, I still can go to the Supreme Court and I now have the grounds to do so.  And I also know I have the grounds to file a clear Humane Rights complaint as well and will be doing that in the near future as well.  I think I have shown I am not a mother who will just give up.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 4 of the PGO Judicial Review Trial

WOW what a day people.  Seriously.  I don't know how to process today at all.  So this morning was the first witness for the department.  The lady who did my parental assessment.  They swore her in as an expert which I happily had no problem with.  Then the departments lawyer started to question her.  Just about every question he asked her she would some how spin it around to focus on just the importance of the attachment of my sons to the people they were with.  Even though in the report she did admit to passing me in all areas as being a fit parent she would still say I can only say this for the two in my care currently.  Then right back to the attachment.  It was very obvious to me that she was not focusing on my parenting abilities, which is what she was hired to do - gage whether I was able to parent and my ability to parent.  Instead she kept focusing on the attachment of my sons to their caregivers.  Which she has never witnessed, has never assessed AND which is not what she was hired to do.  She attested that I passed the physical ability to meet their needs, I passed the social ability to meet their needs, I passed the cultural ability to meet their needs and I passed the intellectual ability to meet their needs.  The emotional needs she also stated I was able to show that I passed everything under emotional needs except the attachment part.  So they stayed focus almost entirely on that trying to either spin the others or twist it to the attachment one.  The children's lawyer did similar focusing almost entirely on the attachment part and ignoring all the other points and also ignoring that this assessment was not about the attachment of my sons to me or to the couple they are with but was suppose to be about my ability to parent.  I did get her to admit that yes there is a chance that my oldest son could still have some attachment to me.  There was a lot of interesting things that came out but I think the judges questions and responses to her were the most telling.  I won't go into the details of it but I have to say I was in shock about that exchanged.  Given my lack of experience and knowledge I think I did a really good job in questioning her and I am happy with how that turned out. 

Next was my testimony.  I gave part of it yesterday.  Most of my testimony in fact but since I was still under oath I could not state that I had.  I concluded today with some clarifying things after the parental assessor.  I was really nervous but I think I held my composure well.  When it came to cross the departments lawyer went first.  I was not prepared for their questions as I had no idea how they would question me but I think I gave really good responses and got the truth out.  The judge looked thoughtful most of the time anytime I chanced a glance at him.  Right now I seriously think he is trying to really figure this all out.  I don't get the same vibe from him as I did with the PGO judge.  I think at first he was really confused with how I was calling my witnesses but I think he might be starting to see all I have done to try and show I am fit.  I really do think that no matter what I have won point A.  They can't show in any way that I am not fit.  They can't show in any way that I am not willing and they can't show in any way that I am not able.  I have too many professionals testifying to that regard who have watched me parent over too long a period of time.

I have 0 idea where point B is going to end up.  Seriously I don't.  I wish I did but given I have no idea I am preparing for the worst but positively hoping for the best.  I can actually see possible light at the end of this journey finally.  There is a 50-50 chance I could see my sons soon.  I have to admit I have shocked myself.  I am so happy with how I have stay calm and been able to show the judge who I really am under the most unbelievable stressful circumstance for a case that works on your deepest emotions.  So that is where we are now.  I have not yet prepared for the second week but I am taking a few days off and then start to try and see how to figure out the rest.  I do have a basic idea but figuring it all out will take time.  So until the 21st I am on a blog break.  lol  Chat to you all then.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 2 and 3 of the PGO Judicial Review Trial

First sorry for not updating last night.  I was completely exhausted from the stress and just wanted some down time with my kids and family. 

So yesterday the first witness I called was my daughters worker.  She attested to receiving the file in August of 2013.  She attested to the process to my daughter moving home as well.  And that the PGO was rescinded and no concerns were raised in the process of her being my daughter's case worker while they her moved home.  Then she attested to the fact that she was one of the two people who decided to cut contact between my daughter and her brothers.  Which is something that sickened us when we learned it.  She knew we thought the previous worker who was the one to place my sons in the home now was the one who had chosen it.  To find out that the first worker we ever trusted was the one who was a part of the decision to cutting contact between my daughter and her brothers left me feeling so betrayed and upset.  But she did send my daughter home so we have to give her credit for that.  But the suffering she helped to cause my daughter with not telling us, or giving a valid reason for doing it really upsets me.

The next person we called was my first community support person.  Who was in our home regularly by the time we were 5 months pregnant.  She attested to how prepared we were, how we would jump on any thing she asked us to do and by the next week it would be done, she attested to me even pointing out concerns in their baby curriculum and that her supervisor made changes in it thanks to me.  She attested that as soon as we contacted them we let them know that we wanted a mandatory reporter in our home to help prove how fit we were to not just be able to bring our son home when born but also to help prove we were fit to bring my sons home as well.  She attested to how we reacted to finding out my children were in care and not in the monsters home any longer.  She attested to how we handled finding out our baby was going to be born with a cleft and how we were on top of that right away.  She attested to never having any concerns of our parenting of our youngest.  She also attested to the fear I had of our youngest being removed at birth but even with that fear I still went in at 8 months pregnant to let CPS know about the pregnancy on our support workers suggestion.  They tried to cross both her and the case worker with asking them if they ever saw us parent my two older sons.  But of course they would say no since I have had no contact.

The next witness was my daughter and she did great.  She was not allowed to attest to anything that happened in the monsters home but I know it got on the record from the first witness of the trial.  She was only allowed to attest to the circumstances around her and I getting back in contact and the process of her moving home and how it has been at home since moving home.  She also attested to the PGO being rescinded.  She was beautiful and confident.  I was so proud of her the entire time.  She also attested to how much she missed her brothers.  No matter what happens I am so proud of her for deciding she wanted to be a part of this and helping to make her voice heard in her effort to fight for the return of her brothers.  Hopefully they will know how much their sister misses and loves them.

The last witness was our current community support worker.  She attested to what she has witness of our parenting of our youngest and his sister.  Our ability to access community supports, how proactive we are in our parenting.  She also attested to witnessing this summer some very important events that lend even more credibility to our ability to parent.  Sorry people can't go into those details, so wish we could, but we don't want to wreck the position we are in with this other journey by spilling the beans early.  But I can say it is events that have a very large weight to our side and proving our ability to parent, our fitness and willingness.

Todays witnesses were our secret weapons as I have come to call them.  They also are a part of the summer events that I could not go into.  But they also add huge weight to our side about fitness, willingness and how prepared we are to take my sons if we win.  I wish I could hug and kiss each one in turn.  They told exactly what they saw and how these events have been ongoing for months.  All awesome things.  It is so nice to finally be working with people who are not only passionate about their jobs but are honest as well. 

The last witness we called was a very dear friend of ours from the past 5yrs.  Who has been in our home tons over the years.  He attested to how involved we are in helping people in our community and spoke of the families we helped at Thanksgiving last year and all the families we helped at Christmas as well.  He attested to never having any concerns when he has been in our home and how awesome Nico is. 

So that is about it.  Still not sure about where this will go.  Sometimes I think no matter what I do or show my sons will never come home.  That is my experience in the past.  Other times like today, after things were coming out, questions the judge was asking, even how quickly counsel would try and shut down some line of questioning leaves me wondering.  Right now if someone asked me what could happen I would really honestly say I don't know.  Yesterday I would have said that there was about an 85% chance at losing.  But now?  I really am not sure.  Last PGO I knew I was screwed as soon as I saw that my lawyer was not using any evidence or touching on anything that would show the lies.  But now things are coming out.  People are being shown to trip over themselves some, the facts in many areas are coming out finally.  Slowly in some, not at all in others sadly but some is and it is all very important stuff.  And to me, last time I knew the judge already had a verdict before the PGO trial even started.  But this judge I have no idea.  I am not sure if he has even started to try deciding anything.  He seems to really be curious about what has been happening and has happened.  And he is really nice and has been so patient with me.  But right this minute guys I can't tell you which way it will go as I really don't know.

Tomorrow is the lady who did the parental assessment, then myself.  So we will see where this goes.  I will continue to try and keep you updated.  After tomorrow it will adjourn for a week and then the department will call the rest of it's witnesses(3) and my last two will be called.  My landlord and my longest friend who is more like a brother.  So stay tuned.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of the PJO Judicial Review Trial

WOW  I must say I am proud of myself.  Don't often say that about me.  But I survived day one and I can truly say I have a new respect for the amount of work Lawyers have to do for stuff like this.  I felt so overwhelmed in there.  Doug says I seemed calm but I was completely terrified the entire time.  I made a ton of technical mistakes.  The judge and the departments lawyers I will say were very patient with me about it though. 

The first witness they were able to veto most of the history.  So all the abuse my kids suffered while in my mothers home prior to the PGO didn't get on the record.  I had a feeling that would happen.  So we were hopeful but prepared for it.  So no shock.  The lawyers did give me one thing on that loss though.  They did state to the judge they were willing to concede on my desire to see my sons and that I have always been willing and desiring my sons home.  So that was point one for us.  Some of the major abuse and trauma that my sons had happen and that Isabeau went through did get on the record though and the condition of one of the children upon leaving my mothers home was also put on the record as well.  The lead caseworker did also admit that the children were removed for sever reasons that came to light by things they noticed, community members coming forewarned with what they saw and my own kids statements when interviewed.  They also stated that as soon as they fully realized what was happening in the home that the children were removed.  He also went on to stated that what they had thought that home was like was not at all what was really happening.  So some of their trauma did end up on the record.  And in so doing my hope is the family who has them will see that what my children were enduring in that home for a long period of time was way worse then what they thought.  They were not there but I hope it will get back to them.  Regardless of what the out come to this trial my sons need more then just regular counseling.  They need intense trauma based therapy that will help them deal with what happened so as not to have life long issues.

The second witness was the Child psychologist that Isabeau saw while in my mothers care and who also was a part of noticing the inconsistences of what my mother had been stating about Isabeau.  I was not allowed to question her at all about Isabeau prior to her returning home.  The judges ruling was that Isabeau was not a part of this trial other then to show how fit my home is, at least till she testifies.  But I was allowed to call her as an expert.  The judge was confused at first why I was asking general questions like the symptoms of trauma in a child from the ages of 6-12.  I read off the symptoms and then had her verify each one.  The judge then as me why I thought this would be relevant and I told him two very important reasons.  The first was that other witnesses will be attesting to symptoms and behaviors of my children that will show that they have sever trauma and possible PTSD.  The second was, and yes I did state this to the judge.  That win or lose I wanted this all known so that hopefully the workers and couple who have them will realize my children went through sever trauma that needs to be address and in so knowing that get them the therapy they need to ensure that what happened in that home does not destroy the rest of their precious lives.  The judge allowed me to continue.  So I then asked her what the possible out come could be for a child that endures sever trauma where it is not only not acknowledge but completely ignored.  She listed things like sever addictions, relationship issues, tons of really scary things but the biggest worry for me was that their risk of suicide or self harm.  She did attest to Isabeau having PTSD and still thinks she might have very mild ADHD.  But she also attested to Isabeau seeming to be very happy and confident when she saw her again in my care suffering from some anxiety when she saw her last summer but personally I think that was to be expected with such a huge change in her life by moving home and to a much bigger city and school.  She did not yet have her confidence back at that time.  So I at least was able to get the importance of the trauma on the record as well.

The next was the doctor that saw my sons after removal of the children from my mothers care and also saw them again a year later.  She attested to the marks and condition that were on them upon removal from my mom and then the concerns about certain things that were still apparent a year later.  All important in showing that what they had endure there was a lot worse then anyone had been willing to admit which again goes to showing the trauma.

The last witness was the social worker who had my sons file when my daughter and I got back in touch.  She attested to behaviors of one of my sons that the foster parents had been recording.  She attested to My daughter getting in touch with me, the refusal of contact when I requested it for my sons and I.  She also attested to the withholding of my sons gifts though at first she tried to state she gave them too them.  But had to change that later based on evidence.  She also had to attest to never getting my kids any counseling the entire time they were in her caseload regardless of what behaviors my kids were showing.  She also attested to not reviewing the records other then to just glance over them when she got them to find out if they had any diagnoses or not.  She attested to allowing visits between Isabeau and I but tried to deny knowledge at first of ongoing visits that following summer and later changed that to her suddenly recalling that they did occur.  She did attest that both she and the family who have my sons did promise Isabeau that contact would never be cut and she said that was one of the reasons she choose them.  Was because they had told her they would not cut her out of their lives.  Lastly she attested to no knowledge of contact being cut between Isabeau and her brothers.

So a lot that didn't get said.  A lot that got covered up or left by the way side but also a lot of big things that did get on the record.  A lot of very important information that needed to finally be set straight was corrected.  Hopefully as the days go by and more information comes to light minds will be changed about me and the truth of the kind of person I really am, the truth of the type of loving mom I am and how much I truly love my children and how much I am willing to fight for what is in their best interest will be realized.  Win or lose this case will hopefully change my sons lives for the better and they will finally get the real treatment they need to have the best life possible.

Tomorrow the first witness is the case worker who saw my file and me for who I really was and returned Isabeau home to us will be taking the stand.  The next person will be my first community support person, then my daughter and then my current community support person.  These witness will help show who I am, now that we have covered what my sons have gone through.  The journey continues.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Night Before The Trial Begins

Well tomorrow the PGO Judicial Review starts.  The days of the trial will be Sept 8-11th and then again Sept 21-25.  Yes two whole weeks.  Tomorrow is the first day of the trial and to say I am nervous is an understatement.  Not because I don't have the evidence on my side but because this whole thing terrifies me.  I do have PTSD and I do have Agoraphobia.  Neither of which make standing up in court easy.  This is not my area of expertise or comfort.  The last thing I would have ever thought if someone had asked me a year ago if I would consider being my own lawyer I would have laughed.  Yeah right.  Nope. 

But after being refused legal aid twice, after not having any lawyer to help me do a Robathum application and after approaching several lawyers to see if they would allow payments and finding out their costs would have us in the poor house until a ripe old age.  I have been left with no alternative but to be my own lawyer.

It did come with some perks.  I got full disclosure of both my sons records to me and learn so much more about what they have been through, learn about so much more of the cover ups, learned so much more about how this case was so badly handled by so many then I ever would have learned if I had a lawyer.  I think it also shows how strong and stable I am.  That even with my disabilities I am not only willing but able to stand up for my family when so many told me to just give up.  To them I ask what are your children worth?  If your children were removed from you for false reasons and them removed from each other how long and how far would you fight to correct what was done to them?

So here is what is on the game plan for the next few days.  Tomorrow I will be calling the main social worker who pursued and got the PGO granted against me.  Who is also the social worker who 5 months later removed my children from my mother.  The things that will come out with his testimony and the evidence from their own records will shed some very interesting light on this whole case.  Everything will come to light.  It is time to end the secrecy of what happened to my family and he will help in turning that light on.

Next is the Child Psychologist who was seeing and treating my daughter even after the removal from my mother.  She also had a big part in revealing what was truly happening in that home that my mother has convinced so many did not occur.  Her abuse will no longer be hidden and no longer will any of her victims who are now survivors, have to hang their heads in shame because no one believes them.  Now it will be on court record. 

Next will be a Doctor who saw my children after they were removed from my mother and noted their condition, marks and other very serious concerns.  His testimony will help to show what was truly happening in that home and what long term results happened because of my so called mother who has no right after what she has done to so many innocent children to call her self a mother or a grandmother.  Monster fits her so much better and is way more accurate.

And finally that day we will hear from the social worker who told me I was living in a fantasy land if I ever thought I would get my children back.  Well I guess I am living in that fantasy land because my daughter is home and my youngest has never been a concern to CFS. 

The first day is going to bring out some very serious things that occurred to all my children and show just how severely the department failed my whole family along with how far they went to cover it up once they realized how badly they had failed.  I hope that the judge we have will listen to all the witnesses and the evidence and give a fair ruling at the end and not a political one.  My family has lost enough time, has suffered enough pain from the forced separation that we never deserved. 

I hope that this long journey will not just help my family when it is all said and done but will also help other families who don't think they can fight on their own for theirs.  If I can do this and still keep going then so can others.  So wish us luck everyone.  As I did with the previous trial I will keep everyone updated as best I can.  This could be a story that can change a lot of lives for the better.

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