Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reasons For The Loss of the PGO Review Trial

First thank you everyone for your outpouring of support. We have been overwhelmed by how much so many care from around the world.   It was a hard day yesterday even though we all prepared for the loss a head of time. Isabeau was understandably very angry and upset. She does not understand how the social workers can be proven to lie on court documents, lie to each other, admit to making grave mistakes that led to the PGO yet because of how the law is written not have to be accountable to those mistakes which lead to permanent separation of all of us and continued abuse to her and her brothers. She is not angry in any way at the judge.  We let her know about how he was bound by the legislation and that he gave us so much.  He gave a more accurate history on the stand, though he did not have access to my evidence from prior to the PGO to prove someone of it was still lies.  But he did state that my ex was the addict and not me.  So that got corrected.  He did state that my ex was the one who abused my children and not me.  So that got corrected as well.  And he did take their argument of my suicide attempts off the table because those were caused clearly by the medication I was on that was prescribed by a doctor. 

He also kept her and her little brother safe by outright stating he disagreed with their parental assessor that they hired to assess me who on the stand stated I was fit on all levels but only fit for the 2 children in my current care.  He said he out right disagreed with her about my ability to parent more children.  Which was very important for our current other journey.  So she and her youngest brother is safe and any future children in our home are safe as well.  He clearly stated I proved I was fit, able and willing in every way and had proven it over a long period of time. 

Also when he described some of my serious allegations he stated multiple times that he can't address them as he is bound to only look at the part of the act pertaining to this legislation.  But that it is something that should be address in another court.  He said he would give no judgment or verdict on those but there was indication that there might be some merit.(paraphrasing here).  Hence why we will be bringing a Supreme Court Action in the future.

This judge did literally all he could based on the way he was bound by the legislation.  And I think if the legislation had had the safe guards in it that would hold social workers accountable for their mistakes then he would have sent them home.  We as a family hold no anger towards this judge in any way.  He did all that he could do and it was in fact a lot that will help us with our next steps. 

 Now here is the problem. The way the legislation is written in our province is that once a PGO is granted there is NO requirement on CPS to relook at the parent at any time for any reason. I am not kidding. The way the law is written is once a PGO is granted the social workers main job is to look for a permanent placement for the children. A parent only has 30 days to appeal a PGO and if you have no money to do so you are out of luck regardless of if you can prove that there was clear bias, records altered, abuse not being investigated and so on. There is nothing in the legislation that if a worker makes grave mistakes that ended up causing a PGO that they have to be accountable. NOTHING. And if other workers realize it later they do not have to legally do anything to correct it. As they are protected by the legalities of the PGO being granted and their requirement to just find a permanent home for the children and not have to consider the parents at all at that point. See the problem?

Hence why I can't stop even though I lost my sons. All other parents have stopped at this point. I could only bring forth evidence in this trial that was after the PGO being granted and that was enough to show the clear omitting of facts on court documents, that was enough to show the falsification of facts in court documents, that was enough to prove the extreme abuse my children endured in that home and so on. The stuff from my children being apprehended in Feb 2008-May 2011 when they were removed from the monsters home is the stuff that really blows this out of the water. It proves the same as above as well as them breaking the legislation. Prior to a PGO all efforts must be made to keep the children with the family of origin. I can clearly show that they did not in any way attempt that. That their goal right from the beginning was to keep the children with my mother. I can clearly show they were prejudice against my mental illness/disability. I can clearly show my children were being abused for well over 2 yrs prior to removal by my mother and they did nothing to investigate any of my complaints about it. Nothing because they only saw my disability. There is a lot more I can show.

To change the legislation to protect other families from having this continue to happen I have to sue CPS in Supreme Court. Which I am already looking into doing. If I win, and a BC case just won this year on less evidence then what I have, then from there I can use that to change the legislation to have safe guards in it to protect families and to make social workers accountable for their mistakes. I may never get my kids back but I still can't sit back and do nothing as this continues to happen to others. Because of how well I proved I am fit and because of this other journey we are on my case currently is the strongest case to have a chance at changing the legislation. As I watch the pain my daughter is in it tells me I can't stand by and ignore what CPS here is doing and can do. They can steal children from families, admit grave mistakes and not have to do anything to fix with the end result being families being torn permanently apart for the sake of someone else being able to adopt and CPS making money that way. It is wrong on all levels.

It is literally Legal Kidnapping and there is currently nothing in the legislation to stop them from doing it and they all know it.

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  1. I have your back and as well u have my support 100%. I've lost 3 kids as well. Pretty much the same as you. I well also help you on this fight

  2. Thanks for sharing your story : I produced this video that can help folks who are in similar situations - Edmonton Community Legal Centre - Advice-a-thon! YouTube produced by Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing :