Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Because They Just Haven't Taken Him Yet."

I have been debating whether to post this one or not the past week or so.  And obviously I came to the conclusion that this is part of the on going games that CPS plays so it needs to be shared.  I made the mistake of not making public the threats and lies that CPS was pulling when I was fighting before the PGO trial and because of that I lost.  I am not making that mistake again.

My daughter had another visit from the 11th - 16th of this month.  When she got her she was visibly concerned for her youngest brother.  We asked her what was wrong so she shared with us a meeting she had had with her worker and her foster mom.  This is the same worker who refused me any contact with my sons and we later found out was breaking their own mandates so that she could force through the adoption to get her bonus.  This was suppose to be a meeting to pass the file on to a new worker. Since this worker was an adoption placement worker and my daughter had made it clear for a very long time she was not wanting to be adopted.  She informed us that this meeting was suddenly thrown at her with no time for her new Child and Youth Advocate to be notified.  Which goes against my daughters rights in care since she had made it clear that she wanted her Advocate at every meeting that involved a social worker.

Anyway during the course of the meeting my daughter was asked what her over all goals are while in care and my daughter told them that it was obviously for her to return home to me and her brother as soon as possible.  Her foster mother told her that my home had to be deemed physically and mentally safe.  So of course my daughter said that it obviously is because her little brother is here.  The social worker then replied with "that's because they have not taken him yet."  You read that right.  They said this to a 14yr old girl about her youngest brother for NO REASON.

Now just to put this in perspective this worker is not under MY cities Childrens Services jurisdiction.  They are 2 hours away in a different jurisdiction.  But to try and scare an bully a 14yr old child they decided to say this to her.  No just cause at all.  And this was not the only thing either.  My daughter obviously then jumped to my and her brothers defense saying there is no reason to remove her brother just as there was no reason to not return herself and her brothers home a long time ago.  She basically told them that they knew my mother lied about all the accusations she made after each visit.  They told my daughter there is no proof that my mother lied.  So my daughter then said she had seen some of that proof in videos.  They said then it should have been brought up at trial.  And my daughter of course said that my lawyer didn't listen so didn't submit it thinking he wouldn't need it.  So they then said she could have appealed in 30 days.  So my daughter said something to the effect that I couldn't because of money.  They then told her that is not their fault.  That they won the trial and there is no proof that my mother lied. 

This is how far they will go to cover up what they know is fact.  They know I have proof but will deny it till the bitter end because they know that proof shows that they did not do their jobs.  That instead of investigating the allegations when they happened they just sided with the complainant and refused all evidence that would prove the complainant false.  They were obviously bias.  And not only bias but breaking the laws as well by perjury, threats and so on. 

We informed my community support worker right away.  She has been in our home every week.  She knows my son is safe and for that worker to make that type of veiled threat against my son with no just cause to scare his sister is just wrong.  My community support worker pointed out that obviously the Childrens Services here has no worries.  They have not once contacted me since the one phone call when my son was a few days old.  But even if they did they would most likely call my community support worker first to see if she still comes to our home(which we signed up voluntarily).  This is why we have chosen to always have our community support person always being involved.  She is a mandated reporter and will step up if needed to report on how safe our home is and how much my son is thriving here.

We finished our visit and now have another one for tomorrow till Friday.  My daughter also has a new worker as well.  I am hoping that this one will not play these sorts of games but not holding my breathe on that.  I know there has got to be some decent social workers out there some where but my experience is they are all liars who don't really care what is best for the family as a whole.  Only what they can get from it.  I will update you all when I know more.

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