Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Beautiful Daughter Turned 14 Today

My beautiful daughter turned 14 today.  When I think of her I see the little girl that was amazing to be around right from her very first breath.  The little baby who stole my breath away when she was placed in my arms and I gazed into her gorgeous blue eyes for the first time.  I see the little toddler who was quick to smile and would do anything to get people to laugh.  The 6yr old child who was so curious about life and had endless questions.  The 8yr old who was starting to show her talents for so many things.

But now she is a young lady.  I have missed so much the past few years.  She is not the little baby, toddler, or child. She is a strong and beautiful young lady.  Someone who has her own dreams and ambitions.  Someone who can now make her wishes and choices known.  She has been through more then someone should in an entire life time.  But I hope she has the strength to over come and grow to be the extraordinary young woman that I always knew was in her to be.

I had so many dreams of what I wanted to do with her by the time she turned 14.  I have missed out on so many things with her.  So many firsts that a young lady should have with her mother.  I hope to not miss out on many more.  I hope to be able to be there when she goes on her first date.  To watch her excitement, to help her know that she is special and to expect respect.  I hope to be there for her first prom.  Help her pick out her dress, get her hair done and so much more.  To drive her nuts with all the pictures I will take.

I hope to watch her graduate.  To see her get her diploma, something I never got to do.  To help her know just how proud I am of her for accomplishing so much.  I hope to be there when she gets engaged, help to plan her wedding, do all the mom and daughter things to help her be ready for such a big step.  And I hope to be there when she has her first baby.  To watch her feel the same over powering love and joy when that special little child is placed in her arms.  See her finally know what I knew when then placed her in mine. 

That nothing in this world can compare to the love of a mother for her child.  I love you my wonderful beautiful daughter.

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