Friday, September 25, 2015

We Won Point A But Could Not Meet Point B

So just got back from the verdict.  The judge stated that he disagreed completely with the department on them stating I could not prove that I was capable and able to resume guardianship of my sons.  And stated that he clearly sees that I won point A.  Which was that I was fit able and willing.

He also stated that the allegations I brought before the court were serious ones but he was stuck with only being able to look at the 2 parts of the Act that this application was under.  He also stated that there is indication that facts might not be accurate and that it was proven that facts given to the people assessing my children were not matching with the evidence.  He also indicated that there is some indication that something is not right with the file.  But upon saying that he stated that because of the time my children have been in the couples home and that they are having their needs met and that there is an attachment there that he could not move them out of the home.  So we lost on point B.  Which is what I expected.  But with his long discussion about my allegations he clearly stated those are issues for another court or application.  Which to me sounded like he was seeing the issues too.

He also stated that there was clear evidence that my children were seriously abused while in that home of that monster.  And stated that he was very impressed, that with no legal experience, that I conducted myself in a very professional and organized manner.

So our ability to get my sons home is effectively ended.  My ability to get justice for my family is not.  He also stated that he hoped contact would be re-established between my daughter and her brothers but we all know the chances of them doing that is non-existent.  They made that promise to my daughters face and then only a couple of months later did exactly the opposite.  Isabeau is very upset.  We did clearly show that the circumstances around contact being cut between her and her brothers was lies.  So that is big.  I do know the couple will have problems in the future if my sons ever learn the truth of how they ended up in that home and all the lies they were told and lead to believe to keep them in that home.  The workers and the department will have a lot of questions to answer for this to them I am sure.  And I hope when the truth does come out that the couple who has my sons will be equally angry for them for how they were lied to as well and lead to believe so many false things about me, my daughter and all the circumstances.

So we have lost this application but I can now look in the mirror and say I know I did all I could to get my sons home.  And I know if they ever contact me and ask what I did to try and get them home that I can show them with all the evidence and the verdict that I did everything to get them home.  There place in this home will never end.  They are my children no matter who's roof they are under and what papers say.  Someone else may raise them but I gave birth to them, I breast fed them, I know them right from conception to their personalities starting to develop and no one can replace that.

So now the next step since we clearly shows the crimes the department and their workers committed and continue to commit along with the case that was won in BC this year for the exact same prejudice I will be filing a Human Rights complaint and also going to the Supreme Court.  So I hope all those workers and more are ready to get on the stand again because I am only just beginning.

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