Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 2 and 3 of the PGO Judicial Review Trial

First sorry for not updating last night.  I was completely exhausted from the stress and just wanted some down time with my kids and family. 

So yesterday the first witness I called was my daughters worker.  She attested to receiving the file in August of 2013.  She attested to the process to my daughter moving home as well.  And that the PGO was rescinded and no concerns were raised in the process of her being my daughter's case worker while they her moved home.  Then she attested to the fact that she was one of the two people who decided to cut contact between my daughter and her brothers.  Which is something that sickened us when we learned it.  She knew we thought the previous worker who was the one to place my sons in the home now was the one who had chosen it.  To find out that the first worker we ever trusted was the one who was a part of the decision to cutting contact between my daughter and her brothers left me feeling so betrayed and upset.  But she did send my daughter home so we have to give her credit for that.  But the suffering she helped to cause my daughter with not telling us, or giving a valid reason for doing it really upsets me.

The next person we called was my first community support person.  Who was in our home regularly by the time we were 5 months pregnant.  She attested to how prepared we were, how we would jump on any thing she asked us to do and by the next week it would be done, she attested to me even pointing out concerns in their baby curriculum and that her supervisor made changes in it thanks to me.  She attested that as soon as we contacted them we let them know that we wanted a mandatory reporter in our home to help prove how fit we were to not just be able to bring our son home when born but also to help prove we were fit to bring my sons home as well.  She attested to how we reacted to finding out my children were in care and not in the monsters home any longer.  She attested to how we handled finding out our baby was going to be born with a cleft and how we were on top of that right away.  She attested to never having any concerns of our parenting of our youngest.  She also attested to the fear I had of our youngest being removed at birth but even with that fear I still went in at 8 months pregnant to let CPS know about the pregnancy on our support workers suggestion.  They tried to cross both her and the case worker with asking them if they ever saw us parent my two older sons.  But of course they would say no since I have had no contact.

The next witness was my daughter and she did great.  She was not allowed to attest to anything that happened in the monsters home but I know it got on the record from the first witness of the trial.  She was only allowed to attest to the circumstances around her and I getting back in contact and the process of her moving home and how it has been at home since moving home.  She also attested to the PGO being rescinded.  She was beautiful and confident.  I was so proud of her the entire time.  She also attested to how much she missed her brothers.  No matter what happens I am so proud of her for deciding she wanted to be a part of this and helping to make her voice heard in her effort to fight for the return of her brothers.  Hopefully they will know how much their sister misses and loves them.

The last witness was our current community support worker.  She attested to what she has witness of our parenting of our youngest and his sister.  Our ability to access community supports, how proactive we are in our parenting.  She also attested to witnessing this summer some very important events that lend even more credibility to our ability to parent.  Sorry people can't go into those details, so wish we could, but we don't want to wreck the position we are in with this other journey by spilling the beans early.  But I can say it is events that have a very large weight to our side and proving our ability to parent, our fitness and willingness.

Todays witnesses were our secret weapons as I have come to call them.  They also are a part of the summer events that I could not go into.  But they also add huge weight to our side about fitness, willingness and how prepared we are to take my sons if we win.  I wish I could hug and kiss each one in turn.  They told exactly what they saw and how these events have been ongoing for months.  All awesome things.  It is so nice to finally be working with people who are not only passionate about their jobs but are honest as well. 

The last witness we called was a very dear friend of ours from the past 5yrs.  Who has been in our home tons over the years.  He attested to how involved we are in helping people in our community and spoke of the families we helped at Thanksgiving last year and all the families we helped at Christmas as well.  He attested to never having any concerns when he has been in our home and how awesome Nico is. 

So that is about it.  Still not sure about where this will go.  Sometimes I think no matter what I do or show my sons will never come home.  That is my experience in the past.  Other times like today, after things were coming out, questions the judge was asking, even how quickly counsel would try and shut down some line of questioning leaves me wondering.  Right now if someone asked me what could happen I would really honestly say I don't know.  Yesterday I would have said that there was about an 85% chance at losing.  But now?  I really am not sure.  Last PGO I knew I was screwed as soon as I saw that my lawyer was not using any evidence or touching on anything that would show the lies.  But now things are coming out.  People are being shown to trip over themselves some, the facts in many areas are coming out finally.  Slowly in some, not at all in others sadly but some is and it is all very important stuff.  And to me, last time I knew the judge already had a verdict before the PGO trial even started.  But this judge I have no idea.  I am not sure if he has even started to try deciding anything.  He seems to really be curious about what has been happening and has happened.  And he is really nice and has been so patient with me.  But right this minute guys I can't tell you which way it will go as I really don't know.

Tomorrow is the lady who did the parental assessment, then myself.  So we will see where this goes.  I will continue to try and keep you updated.  After tomorrow it will adjourn for a week and then the department will call the rest of it's witnesses(3) and my last two will be called.  My landlord and my longest friend who is more like a brother.  So stay tuned.

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  1. I am so glad you had some time last night chillin' with your family.

    Yes, it's hard to say which way it will go. From what you say, all the good stuff is about you and the doubtful side comes from CPS.

    {{{{hugs}}}} You're doing great.

    (And Isabeau rocks!)