Monday, September 7, 2015

The Night Before The Trial Begins

Well tomorrow the PGO Judicial Review starts.  The days of the trial will be Sept 8-11th and then again Sept 21-25.  Yes two whole weeks.  Tomorrow is the first day of the trial and to say I am nervous is an understatement.  Not because I don't have the evidence on my side but because this whole thing terrifies me.  I do have PTSD and I do have Agoraphobia.  Neither of which make standing up in court easy.  This is not my area of expertise or comfort.  The last thing I would have ever thought if someone had asked me a year ago if I would consider being my own lawyer I would have laughed.  Yeah right.  Nope. 

But after being refused legal aid twice, after not having any lawyer to help me do a Robathum application and after approaching several lawyers to see if they would allow payments and finding out their costs would have us in the poor house until a ripe old age.  I have been left with no alternative but to be my own lawyer.

It did come with some perks.  I got full disclosure of both my sons records to me and learn so much more about what they have been through, learn about so much more of the cover ups, learned so much more about how this case was so badly handled by so many then I ever would have learned if I had a lawyer.  I think it also shows how strong and stable I am.  That even with my disabilities I am not only willing but able to stand up for my family when so many told me to just give up.  To them I ask what are your children worth?  If your children were removed from you for false reasons and them removed from each other how long and how far would you fight to correct what was done to them?

So here is what is on the game plan for the next few days.  Tomorrow I will be calling the main social worker who pursued and got the PGO granted against me.  Who is also the social worker who 5 months later removed my children from my mother.  The things that will come out with his testimony and the evidence from their own records will shed some very interesting light on this whole case.  Everything will come to light.  It is time to end the secrecy of what happened to my family and he will help in turning that light on.

Next is the Child Psychologist who was seeing and treating my daughter even after the removal from my mother.  She also had a big part in revealing what was truly happening in that home that my mother has convinced so many did not occur.  Her abuse will no longer be hidden and no longer will any of her victims who are now survivors, have to hang their heads in shame because no one believes them.  Now it will be on court record. 

Next will be a Doctor who saw my children after they were removed from my mother and noted their condition, marks and other very serious concerns.  His testimony will help to show what was truly happening in that home and what long term results happened because of my so called mother who has no right after what she has done to so many innocent children to call her self a mother or a grandmother.  Monster fits her so much better and is way more accurate.

And finally that day we will hear from the social worker who told me I was living in a fantasy land if I ever thought I would get my children back.  Well I guess I am living in that fantasy land because my daughter is home and my youngest has never been a concern to CFS. 

The first day is going to bring out some very serious things that occurred to all my children and show just how severely the department failed my whole family along with how far they went to cover it up once they realized how badly they had failed.  I hope that the judge we have will listen to all the witnesses and the evidence and give a fair ruling at the end and not a political one.  My family has lost enough time, has suffered enough pain from the forced separation that we never deserved. 

I hope that this long journey will not just help my family when it is all said and done but will also help other families who don't think they can fight on their own for theirs.  If I can do this and still keep going then so can others.  So wish us luck everyone.  As I did with the previous trial I will keep everyone updated as best I can.  This could be a story that can change a lot of lives for the better.

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