Thursday, December 19, 2013

"As Of Right Now We Are Still Pursuing The Adoption Of Your Sons"

Not been a good week.  Battling the flu right now and found out someone I love dearly has cancer.  But this entry is not about that.  I wanted to give you all a quick update on the 2 1/2 hour phone call I just had with my son's social worker.  So far I am the only one she has talked too other then her supervisor.  As of  her meeting with her supervisor this past Monday they are pursuing the finalization of the adoption.  But that was prior to me telling her of the evidence to the perjury at the PGO trial by my mother and the social workers along with several other avenue's we are pursuing to overturn the PGO and get any adoption that occurred during that false PGO throw out.  She seemed nice enough and open.  She said she could not commit either way to contact or communication because she did not know the answer at this point.  I thought that was fair and better then being told that there would be no communication like I was getting with precious workers.  So I see that as not a NO and Not a YES yet. 

She is planning to call my daughters worker and talk to her about all this and also will be phoning my community support worker as well.  Her meeting with the couple who has my sons is scheduled for the end of January.  She will be filling them in on the all the things we are doing to over turn the PGO, my concerns for my sons needs when it comes to therapies and abuses and so on that they have endured and received no help for.  She said this was not a discussion she wanted to have over the phone or email.  I made it clear that I think they had the right to know everything going on and the long term impacts these things could have before they made a decision to finalize anything.  Since this will not be just a simple case of finalizing an adoption but could become a huge legal battle once everything is on the table.  That even if it is finalized we will be moving forward to have it overturned and that there is precedence for other cases here in Alberta being over turned based on similar cases and adoptions thrown out and children returned home to their parents.  I made it clear I would prefer to work on reuniting my family through CPS  because it will be easier on not just my sons but the family who has them.

I also confirmed that my daughter is moving home this summer and her worker and I are discussing the things needed to be set up to make the transition easier.  Things like the meeting my community support worker and I are having with her principal here, special therapy, her seeing an eye specialist here and so on.  She seemed to be a lot more open then previous workers were and actually was willing to listen to what I was saying.  She was surprised that I was not notified that my children were removed from my mother.  And was also surprised that I was never told, no matter how many times I contact the towns department, that my children were in foster care.  Though she did confirm that I do not have to be notified for the adoption to be finalized.

She will be mailing my daughters gift for Christmas and her b-day(pictures) to her worker to get to her but there would be no other communication during the holidays.  Which I know will really hurt my daughter and my sons.  I let her know I will be emailing her with pictures from my sons b-days and also from Christmas so they can see that they were not forgotten.  She did confirm that she thinks contact was cut between my daughter and her brothers because of her desire to talk about their newest little brother and us to them.  Which I made clear I thought was wrong.  So I don't know right now what her plan is, or even if she is ready to make one, on contact between them.

I told her that if she needs to meet us that we will arrange that.  I also made if clear that we will jump through any hoop requested of us to ensure my sons return home.  That I would prefer to work with the family who has them and the department to make the transition for my sons easier then to have to go through the courts and make it more drawn out and painful for everyone.  She was not aware of my repeated requests to have my oldest son tested for dyslexia.  I offered her the same I did for my daughters worker which was to send her copies of all emails, photos, videos and so on to back up everything I am stating. 

I also asked if the adoption will be finalized by the end of January and she said no.  She said I gave her a lot to think about and my cases seemed as clear as mud at this point.  She seemed as honest and transparent as my daughters worker so far.  I hope she is anyway.  So I am hoping that as she gets more educated on my case, as my daughters worker did, that she will see that the best interest for all involved is for my sons to return home with all of us working together to help them deal with the past and work in a positive manner for the future.  She was made perfectly aware that I have no intention of giving up.  She was also made aware that the people who have my sons also have the blog link and the facebook page as well.  So they are getting some of the information on here about what is going on, but not all of it as I can't as yet go into the details of some of the other things in the works.  So that is todays update.  Not entirely bad but not great either.

I am hoping that as the family who has them gets all the details, sees all the proof and so forth that they will decide to not adopt because they will see that coming home is what is best for my sons.  And I hope they will work with us to make that transition easier for them.  My entire family has been through enough hell.  It is time to start the repairing of it.

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  1. A very promising start! Prayers and fingers crossed here!