Thursday, January 16, 2014

Exciting Announcement

OK here is one of the things we have been keeping secret(one of three) that is geared towards helping reunite my family and get justice for the 7 of us.
 The blog is being turned into a book. I am consulting with the author of the book A Child Called It. I have been in contact with his assistant and they are willing to help me turn the blog into a book but their services are of course not free. So I am wondering if any of my friends out there can help me get consulting money together so that my blog being turned into a book can become a reality. This can happen, with help and is something that can help so many. 
 The step kids have agreed to write additions in their own words of what happened to them, my daughter will be adding stuff as well that is not already on the blog and I have also written several extra entries for the book as well. Some that were very hard to write. Some entries are being expanded upon as well. Some of our evidence(emails and so on) will be included in the book that is not on the blog as well.  Along with information about the other two things in the works that will help bring closure and justice and reunite my family.
 When it becomes a book all money from it will go to paying for a lawyer to have my sons returned home and then go on to help pay for therapies to help them over come the trauma's all 3 of them have dealt with. The initial consulting fee is $300. So if you can help, even if it is just a few bucks, please  check out the link below. The sooner we can get this on the move the better. I have two wonderful friends who are helping with editing and it is already about 2/3rds completed. 
As so many have told me this is a story that needs to get out.  A story that can help others gain strength, realize they are not alone, realize that when a survivor has the right supports that they can over come anything.  This is a story of 7 amazingly strong people.  Please help in getting it out in print.

Here is where people can donate:  Help 7 Survivors Make A Book

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