Friday, November 15, 2013

Another New Worker For My Sons

Finally I got a hold of my sons new worker.  I have not updated much on them because I have been trying to just get one of them to contact me.  As you have read in their b-day posts I emailed both the worker that first was in charge of their file when they moved to the new city and their supervisor many times with no response.  Which meant no place to mail off gifts.  My daughter even attempted emailing them to hopefully be allowed to at least talk to her brothers on their birthday.  Of course no response was ever given to her. 

Finally I emailed the supervisor(I think the 3rd or 4th time) and said that if I did not hear from her within 2 business days that I would then contact her superior.  I sent that email on a Sunday figuring if I was going to hear back it would be on a Monday.  No worker has ever emailed me on a weekend.  Well I heard back that same evening.  She let me know that their worker resigned.  And no one could inform me of this in all the months I was repeatedly emailing?  Of course not.  She then stated that since my daughter was not in my custody and she was PGO, and since there was nothing in my sons file about contact with me, that she would not discuss contact between them with me but would contact my daughters worker.  I had informed her in my emails that my daughters new worker had a plan in place for my daughter to return home by the summer and the PGO ended but she would not budge.  I refused to give up so emailed her again explaining that the previous workers had cut contact between my sons and I with no court order.  That I had the emails to prove that they even refused email contact with me after the trial verdict.  She ignored all messages till the day she was leaving on a month long holiday.  Then she emailed me that afternoon giving me the contact information of the worker who would have my sons file till the end of October(10 or so days) and that they would have a new worker after that.  No mention of the next workers contact information and no mention of anything I had asked or stated in the previous emails.  I should be used to having my questions ignored and my concerns treated like they are unimportant.  But it still frustrates me.

I finally got the name of the new worker.  I sent her an email detailing several things along with how my file was badly mishandled, how my children were tortured physically and mentally while under kinship care and how there was obvious bias in the handling of my file.  I was polite but to the point.  I didn't get a reply back so I sent another one two days later.  I did hear back from that email.  The new worker was polite.  She let me know she had not yet gone over the file. That she had just recently filled the position.  So very politely asked me for time to read the file and then asked that once she did that if we could then meet.  Very understandable request.  So I replied back.  I thanked her for getting back to me, let her know that I thought her request fair.  I went into a little more detail on how the system failed my family and put them at risk and how that is now finally coming to light.  I let her know that I would contact her in one week to see what head way she had made.  I made it very clear(politely) that I was not going away and would do anything and everything needed to bring all my children home where they belong.  I also let her know that distance might be an issue when it comes to a meeting(there city is 6-8 hours from where we reside) but if that was what had to happen for my sons to come home we would arrange it.

I have not heard back but I figure she will respond when I email her next week.  I am hoping that this worker will be more helpful in allowing visits between my daughter and her brothers but also in allowing contact between my sons and I and their new little brother. 

Last year I never thought my daughter would be in a position to be moving home and the PGO dropped.  I am hoping this next coming year will have just as much and more positive things happening.  It would be wonderful if my sons could be home in the coming new year.  My Christmas wish for this year?  Having my whole family together(even if it is just for a visit to start the process of transitioning my sons home).  I know it is a long shot but I am hoping that we can have our first visit during the Christmas holidays while my daughter is here so we can all get a family picture together.  It has been way too many years since we have all been together.  Keep us in your thoughts that this Christmas miracle will happen for all of us.

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  1. What has happened with your mom now that she has no children to torture? I am also confused about how many men she went thru that didn't have the humanity to care about the abuse. Was she such a great f**k that it didn't matter to them?

    1. All I know about her is that she now has a boyfriend who is much older then her. As to the rest I can't answer for the men. The only man I know of who was not part of the abuse, and never witnessed it was my first step dad. He is now in my and my daughter and youngest sons life. The other 2 who were a part of the abuse as well I can't speak for them. I know one of them remarried after he left her. The last one I have no idea. All told she has been married 5 times. I don't know if her last marriage has been through the divorce process yet or not.