Monday, November 25, 2013

Edmonton Journal Reveals Just How Dangerous Foster Care Is In Alberta

I was in shock today when I logged onto the internet and saw this newspaper article:

Fatal Care: Foster care tragedies cloaked in secrecy

"They suffocated in bed, committed suicide, succumbed to disease — 145 Alberta children died in foster care since 1999, and the government hasn’t told you"

I read through the article and cried as I read the what the Edmonton Journal was reporting after a 4 year legal battle after the journal submitted a request to obtained the internal death records through a freedom of information request submitted by the Journal in 2009. 

In the Journals own words: "The Alberta government has dramatically under-reported the number of child welfare deaths over the past decade, undermining public accountability and thwarting efforts at prevention and reform.

A six-month Edmonton Journal-Calgary Herald investigation found 145 foster children have died since 1999, nearly triple the 56 deaths revealed in government annual reports over the same period."

I knew it was bad in Alberta and in Canada over all but I had no idea it was this bad.  The public really needs to open their eyes and see the problem that is the CPS industry in Alberta.  I am not saying it should be abolished.  I am saying that it needs serious reform, the privacy laws lifted so that no one can hide behind them.  Obviously the children are not protected by it.  These children paid with their lives for it. 

We as a province and a nation need to stand up.  Not just those who have had to deal with CPS but everyone.  We need to fight to protect these children from the system itself until changes are made. 

Some people have wondered why I worry so much for my children.  THIS IS WHY.  My children went through more horrendous physical and mental torture the moment they went into care.  Even to this day my sons psychological needs are not being met and I can't say either way if their other needs are.  Please share the link above as much as you can.  The time for sticking our heads in the sand has ended.  Nothing can change without everyone standing together and fighting for change. 

And please keep my children in your hearts and mind that they will be safe till they return home.

UPDATE: Wildrose Calls For Debate In Deaths Of Alberta Children In Care

The emergency debate was rejected

CTV Edmonton: Defending Child Intervention System  -
the best in Canada? Really? That is why a known child abuser was given my children to abuse at her leisure? To starve so that a 2yr old was 10 pounds underweight? Who threaten me with never seeing my children again if I ever took them to a doctor or police again? WOW, Then Canada and Alberta need a ton more work to reform it. If it was their kids that died in these ways or tortured in these ways they would be screaming for reform.

Questioning Foster Care 'Should Not Be Allowed' Says Association Head -If they are doing everything right then why would they have a problem with people questioning them about what is happening to children in the care of the province? Only abusers thrive in secrecy. The survivors and their families want and need a voice if this is ever to be fix in any way.

Restrictive Law Silences Grieving Parents - Even in death in this province parents can not speak their child's name

Living, Dying in the Shadows - The stories of some of the children who died in care.

The Story of One Alberta Foster Child We Wanted To Tell You But Can't - The story of one of the babies who died in government care.

Dear Mister Hancock - A letter from Velvet Martin, mother of deceased Samantha Martin who is one of the victims of government care and cover-ups, to Mister Hancock.  Very raw and very well stated.

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