Monday, November 18, 2013

Your Are 15 Today

WOW has this year flown by.  Last year at this time we were not even allowed to talk to you on a phone.  This year we got to have you here earlier in the month to celebrate your b-day.  And next year you will be permanently home with the PGO close to being thrown out or ended. 

Pictures of my daughters 15th b-day at home 

Sadly things seem to be in reverse for you and your brothers.  Last year you got to talk to them, see them, exchange gifts and so on.  This year you have had the contact cut at no choice from you.  Breaking the promise you were given.  Hopefully this new worker that they have will be working hard to correct the abuse and wrongs that have been done to all of you and help you to have contact with them.  And hopefully in the next year we will all be together permanently once again.

I am so very proud of you.  I have learned so much about you in this past year.  I have learned that even after all my mother did to break you down, you in fact turned it around to make yourself stronger.  You have more strength then I did at your age.  After all your grandmother did to brainwash you into hating me instead you opened your heart and have shown that you not only love me but adore your new little brother and your new step dad too. 

You are a young lady who has an incredibly caring heart.  Especially after all the abuse, injustices done against you, you still want to help others.  You still want to be an inspiration to others.  You want to give other kids a voice where they don't have any.  You don't want to see any one else suffer.  This is so amazing to me. 

Then add to that your desire to write and be a vet.  You have a career path all planned out.  At 15 that is amazing.  You know what colleges you want to go to, you know what you need to get in, your already publishing some of your writing on here and it is amazing. 

I know part of you is still hurting.  I know part of you is still scared.  Scared of failure because you learned the smallest mistake meant the worst punishments imaginable, rejection or even death threats.  I know you are worried about doing or saying the wrong thing to people and them turning their backs on you.  I can promise you that the people that are worth having in your life will not do that.  And when we had your party and you told your friends that you could talk to me about anything, you have no idea how honored and proud of you I was.  I am so glad you have over came that fear of saying or doing the wrong thing with us and have learned that we will always be here and will always love you.  That tells me that these fears do not control you.  That you can over come them too.

I am so very proud of you.  I know you go through so much at school with the bullying and my hope is that once you move home you will more easily be able to be accepted and make friends.  You have grown into such a beautiful young woman inside and out and I am so proud that you are my daughter.  Happy birthday sweetheart.

Messages from your caring fans from all over the world along with right here at home:

"Sending her love and good thoughts. I've been following your journey with your kids and I admire both your strength and her strength. I do hope you can spend her birthday with her and that it is a wonderful day!"

"Have a wonderful birthday! Hope you have the best day ever! You are one strong woman and I know you will be whatever you choose to be! And you may post our names! Love The Stewart."

"You are fabulous! You are the best big sister to ALL your brothers. You are loving and caring and feisty and smart and clever! You give a voice to children and teens who are going through horrible times.  My birthday wish for you is that you gain happiness, peace, love and healing, and move towards and through a wonderful life!"

"Celebrate yourself! No matter what others do, they can't make you someone you aren't. YOU ARE WHO YOU WANT TO BE! Let them go, and choose your path..."

"Happy Birthday! High school years suck for most ( and more for others) this too will pass and in 3 years, hopefully less, you will be where YOU choose to be. Happy Birthday! Stay strong!"

"Happy Birthday. 15 is a great age. I've known you since you were just a little girl. I have always been impressed with your sweet demeanor and how smart you are. Lots of love."

"Happy birthday! I have read some of you poetry and am very impressed. You have a brilliant talent, young lady!  Keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration to many people, no doubt. Keep reading, keep writing, keep sharing love with others. Keep learning, keep exploring, keep growing into a strong young woman. Keep striving to help others to find their courage.  And again, happy birthday!"

"You may be unaware just how many other victims that you are bringing hope to and allowing them an outlet to eventually find their voice too. Thanks for being an inspiration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

"Happy Birthday, and thank you, in advance, for doing what is fearless and bold. It is because of you, our children, why we are protecting you and your a perfect world"

"I'd like to send you a big hug, and tell you that you are an amazing young woman. I know that you like to write, and I'm very happy for you finding a creative outlet, for letting me and others get to know your wonderful self through your poems. You are here for great things! You are here for success, for love, for happiness. Please keep writing, keep showing the world the amazing young woman you are, keep showing yourself the incredible human being you're becoming, keep making yourself proud. Happy birthday!!"

"Happy birthday. You're an amazing person and an inspiration to us all. Have the best day and keep writing. Stay strong sweets x"

"Let me first wish you a very Happy Birthday and lots of love and strength for your 15th year
Your bravery astounds me. Heaven knows that a lot of people would, and have, given up under far less but your sense of composure and determination is an inspiration. Your story is a part of you and I think that, although you should never have been through what you have, you have acquired a strength and understanding that is beyond your years as a result.
Talking and writing about what has happened to you is so very important. For yourself, to receive validation of your feelings, to vent your frustrations and anger but also to show that most damage is done behind a curtain of silence. With the strength and support to speak out and say "no more!", you will give others courage to face their abusers, confront their internal demons and move forward in a healthier, happier way.
As I said, an inspiration; So, again, Happy Birthday. You are indeed a remarkable young lady and I am sure will become an exceptional adult. Have a wonderful day and know that, even from many miles away, your story and spirit has indelibly changed the outlook of one woman."

"You must be a very strong young woman, because every adversity in life makes us stronger. You've been through a lot and you've turned out to be so wonderful and loving. I see big things in your future. Your story can help so many. I wish you a very happy birthday!"

"  'Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.'  - Albert Einstein

Every time you stand up to things like teenage bullying, you are setting that example. It helps others to find their own voice. That is a very powerful thing! You go girl! Happy Birthday!! You're a special girl who is very loved!"

"Happy upcoming 15th birthday young lady...So sorry for the abuse you got. Keep up writing and expressing yourself because the world does listen even when you think it isn't."

"Happy birthday, a brave and strong young woman. "

"Happy birthday - have a wonderful time with your family - may this be the first of many many more xxx"

"Happy Birthday Young lady. You are an excellent writer, continue with what you do best in everything you do- keep it up xoxo"

"Happy 15th birthday sweetie I hope you have a great day on your day, keep your head up and keep up your writing. You have talent and don't stop because of others. Happy Birthday! Mary"

"Happy Birthday Continue writing the poems it does help other people"

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