Sunday, October 20, 2013

How Far Will CPS Go To Cover Up Their Crimes?

Most people think that CPS is working hard to keep families together, help them when there are issues but only if things are really bad will children be removed.  Well my case proves that none of that is true.  Even my daughters current worker, who has gone over the entire file with her supervisor, has stated that all I needed was some guidance and help.  Not the permanent removal of my children. 

So now that a worker has stated that our file was clearly mishandled, where it was full of miscommunication and that we had done everything right you would think that CPS would then correct their HUGE error and start actively working on returning my children.  In regards to my daughters you would be right.  There is a plan for her to move home this summer.  When it comes to my sons the answer seems to be no.  In fact they are not even allowing communication for my daughter and her brothers.  She didn't get to talk to her middle brother on his birthday either this week.  I have sent repeated emails to both my sons worker and her supervisor and have not gotten a response back.  Not one. 

So here we are.  We teach out kids that if you make a mistake you need to do what you can to correct it.  So what is CPS teaching our kids in this situation.  We screw up but you get to suffer.  We did everything right.  My daughters worker has confirmed that everything we say for the timeline of things coincides with what their files stated and also matches when they started noticing a change in my mothers behavior towards my children.  But was my mother being watched even when they noticed these changes in her behavior?  As they watched her make my daughter at age 11 and 12 wear diapers to school?  As they saw the pictures of my middle son in a starved condition?  Did they start to question her and her accusations, that she had NO proof on, while they saw my mother fire any professional that started to see that something was badly wrong?  NO  I was still the bad guy.  Why?  Because if they started to look at my mother they would have to admit that she really pulled the wool over their eyes.  They would have to admit that they had take kids from a loving mother who had never abused her kids and placed them with a very sick and severely abusive woman who they had been warned about over and over again. 

They could not have that.  So they ignored what my mother was doing.  Allowing, even with their knowledge, my children being repeatedly tortured.  And then to add insult to injury they go through with the trial.  Lying and twisting everything they could on the stand to keep their mistakes hidden.  Then to shut up the only person who was fighting for them they cut all contact between me and my children.  But what they didn't realize is that my mother is obviously losing it mentally.  She would never have abused anyone in front of a witness, other then her husbands.  She was so sure of herself that she continued to abuse them even when an old friends moved in.  She had abuse me most of my life and got away with it, she abused the step kids and got away with it, she had abused my children with CPS allowing it to go on and got away with it.  She won the trial so she was certain she was never going to get caught.  So she continued to abuse them.  This person witnessed so much in 5 months.  But not once was she listened to when she would go to that office to report the abuse.  They IGNORED her.  She had to contact the head of social services in the province to be listened to to finally save my kids from the horror that they were suffering.  That is how intent they were in covering up their crimes to my family.

So where does it stand.  I have a new son who is a few days shy of turning one.  My daughter will be moving home this coming summer permanently with the goal of ending the PGO since as her worker said the concerns that were there when the kids were taken are no longer there and have not been for a VERY long time.  So were are my sons?  I know what city they are in.  But there is 0 communication between their worker, her supervisor or myself.  Not for my lack of trying.  My community support worker will attest to that.  She is CC'd every email I send.  Along with being in my home every week since my youngest was born.  I have sent 6 emails to the worker and 3 to the supervisor and gotten not one response.  Not one. 

So people tell me what you think?  How is this right.  They screw up majorly, they keep us apart for several years, they do all they can to cover up their lack of doing their jobs and their obvious bias even when they have evidence that my mother was abusing and lieing.  Yet my kids are not home.  My daughter asks me every visit to never give up on bring her brothers home.  And I promise her I won't.  I promised my oldest son the last few visits we had that I would never give up.  We told him repeatedly "No matter what happens, no matter what any one tells you, we love you and will never stop fighting to bring you and your brother home."  He has not forgotten and neither have we.

The PGO needs to be thrown out.  A criminal can get a whole verdict thrown out on a technicality.  Yet a parent can't get their children returned even who proof of perjury, false allegations, and the main witness having the children removed for sever abuse.  Why should criminals get more rights and protection then a loving parent and children?  Help us continue our fight to reunite our family.  Share our blog.  I say our because this really is not just my story.  It is all our stories.  Mine, the step kids and my children.  Check out the page on the map page for the Facebook link to our fight(you can find pictures and videos there, that CPS ignored, that was proof that my mothers allegations after visits were lies), Like it and share it as much as you can.  If you can find it in your heart please donate to help us pay a lawyer to help us have our children returned home.  You can find the link to our donation page on the map page.  Please help stop 37yrs of hell and help reunite our family and make it whole.

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  1. get a better lawyer

  2. We agree that a better lawyer is needed. Hence why we set up a donation page so that we can afford to hire one.

  3. where is the childrens father in all of this?

  4. Good Question. My daughter calls my partner Dad and has even asked her social worker(totally shocked us) about changing her last name to his because she feels like he is more of a father to her then her own dad. He has his own life. After all the abuse I have cut him out of my life. So what he is doing I can't comment on since I really don't know.