Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Are 6 Years Old Today

And I am not there to celebrate it with you.  We have now missed 3 years of your life.  That is half your life.  I am so sorry son.  It should have never been this way.  You never deserved this.  None of us did.  I am sorry that your grandma staved you, I am sorry that she stole you away with lies and abuse.  But most of all I am sorry that I was not able to protect you when you were scared and hurt, comfort you when you were sad.  I love you so very much and miss you more then any one can realize. 

We celebrated your b-day today.  We decorated the dining room in Hot Wheels things, had cake, took pictures of your presents.  We got you some Hot Wheels, some talking Disneys Cars and a Giant Disney's Cars pillow that actially opens up to a book.  I will post the link to the pictures tomorrow when I get them downloaded. I really wish you had been here.  I still remember the last b-day we had with you.  We got you all different types of tools.  You loved them.  We still have them.  They are down in your room.  I still remember you laugh and the giggle you would make when we would chase you to tickle you.  Most of all I remember you hugs. 

Pictures of your presents and the table decorations:  Pictures

We have your room ready and waiting.  We got you and your brother loft beds.  It came to us as a perfect idea with how much you and your brother love to make forts.  Hopefully soon you will be laughing and playing in that room.  I hope you felt special today.  I hope the family you are with are treating you kindly.  Most of all I hope they understand that you have a mom who loves you and has every intention of having her family whole.  I will never stop fighting to bring you home.

Sadly you sister wanted so much to talk to you.  But the people you are with are not responding to her email requesting contact with you.  So she wanted her message to be posted here hoping some day you will see it and know her thoughts on your b-day.

"Happy Birthday to my 2nd youngest brother!!! I love you and I really miss your smile and your laugh. I remember one time when I came home from school you were running really fast to the door. You managed to say Beau, before you tripped and landed on your stomach. I love you and my mother,  (donald duck) and I are working really hard on bringing you home!"

Many other friends wanted to send you their wishes and thoughts as well:

"Sending bday wishes from Tennessee"
"Happy birthday"
"Happy Birthday , I hope it is cheery and bright. You are such a awesome young man now! Have a wonderful day"
"Happy Birthday! We're all thinking of you on your special day!!!"
"Happy birthday! All the way from Illinois USA!! "
"Happy 6th Birthday!! Sending you lots of love and hugs...have a wonderful day!"
" I hope you are having a wonderful day with your foster family and even more, I hope that for your next birthday you will be able to celebrate with your mom and everyone else! You have a loving mom, two brothers, a sister and your mom's fiancé who are all waiting to hug you. Happy birthday!"
"Happy Birthday! Have a great day! Your mom loves you and is working really hard to bring you home!"
"Happy Birthday. I still remember the excitement in your Mommy's voice as she told me her choice of your name. You are so loved little man, and hopefully soon you and your brother will be back with your real family. They all miss and love you dearly. Wishing you a great day little one." 
"Happy B-day, hope you shall get your b-day presents soon"

You are loved and wanted by so many.  Our miracle is coming soon son. 

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