Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Child Procurement Services = CPS

Today a lady on my facebook posted a link to a documentary about how CPS in the states is legally kidnapping children.  I urge everyone who reads my blog to check out this link and watch the clip.  It is only 15 minutes long but it has real statistics on it and Judges and so on talking about how this industry really does do this for the money.

This is from one of the links to the documentary and is started and shown in the video:

"The right to legal counsel, your Miranda rights, the right to a speedy jury trial, are American rights protected by our Constitution. But not in family court, where a single judge can decide whether or not you are a fit parent. CPS services “protecting” children today has become a $29.4 billion dollar industry.

CPS has more power today than the police, sheriff, or FBI, as they can come into your home and remove your child without a search warrant or court order. Someone who doesn’t like you, for any reason, can make a phone call and provide an anonymous “tip” with the result of you losing your children.

As explained in the video above, some of the reasons for which CPS is removing children from their homes today:
  • if the child has low birth weight
  • if the child is over weight
  • if you or your child is mentally challenged
  • if the child is diabetic
  • if you refuse to drink fluorinated water
  • if you eat organic food
  • if you or child is disabled
  • if you don’t vaccinate your child
  • if you homeschool your child"

This is not just happening in the US.  It is happening in Canada too and just as bad.  Things have got to change.  Many are still under the assumption that children are only removed from a family as a last resort and this is simply not true.  The word must be gotten out.  The rules of family court must change.  I urge all my loyal readers to pass on my page and the links on this page.  We need to stop allowing families to be torn apart.  The long term impacts on the children in foster care is terrible.  Lets help the children by helping the families fight the corruption!

If you have a story of how CPS legally kidnapped your child you are urged and asked on the video to share it here:

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