Monday, December 12, 2011

What This Season Is Truly About

After receiving that very nasty email that I last posted about I have been watching my facebook and listening to others and seeing something that saddens me.  This is the Holiday Season.  For Christians it means celebrating the birth of someone named Jesus.  For many non Christians it is the time to show our families and friends, and even strangers how much we love and care for them.  Yet I am seeing a war being waged by some that takes away from the feeling of the season no matter what you believe.

For Christians some of them are not only being pushy but down right rude and aggressive.  Telling others out right that it is Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays.  I have seen people get into all out fights trying to push this issue on others.  If you do believe in a God and do celebrate the season as Jesus b-day then do you really think that being this aggressive, insulting, rude or nasty is what he would have wanted?  Seriously?  Over a choice of a phrase?  I thought Jesus was suppose to be about love, acceptance and caring about your fellow man.  Instead some Christians seem to have a Holier then Thou attitude and think that being pushy, rude and nasty to force their point of view means they are doing what "Jesus" would want.  From what I know being raised in religion that is the opposite.  He never forced his views on anyone to my knowledge.  People have to accept him of their own choosing.  Yet that is not the attitude I am seeing.

Many non Christians see this time of year as the time to celebrate family, friends and strangers just like Christians.  Just because they do not believe in a God does not mean that they can't view the Holiday season in a similar way.  Yet I see some Christians accusing non Christians as only celebrating the season to get presents and for selfish reasons.  Really?  Are they seriously thinking that they have the corner on selfless acts because they believe in a God and others don't?  I see just as many non Christians as I see Christians donating to the less fortunate during this season.  So why do they do it?  Because of their religion? Oh wait they don't believe in a God so what religion is telling them to do it?  None.  Because they are being forced?  No.  Because of a God?  No.  Because of a persons b-day? No.  They do it simply because they love their fellow man.  It is as simple as that.  They are not doing it to get rewards in heaven, to please other church members and the like.  They do it because that is simply who they are.  A loving, caring person who wants to help others for no other reason then that. No holier then thou attitude, no forcing someone to change their wording of how they celebrate the season or so on.

As many reading my blog know I no longer believe in a God.  You will also know that there is a lot of sadness in my heart during this time of year since last year at this time is when I got the final verdict that because of lies my children will not be with me and are living with a very abusive woman.  But last year a person showed a ton of kindness to us by providing the means for my fiance and I to have a Holiday meal and when the time came that we could afford to pay her back all she asked for was for us to pay it forward.  This year we are doing just that.  We are helping a large family in need.  I don't know if they believe in a God and they don't know if we do.  And neither party cares.  They are strangers to us but we care about them and their family. 

Why did I do this post?  Simple.  Please stop the fighting over wording.  Who cares if someone says Merry Christmas to you or Happy Holidays or some other words that celebrate their feelings this season.  Put the energy you seem to have, if these simple words anger you, into donating or helping someone this season.  Whether you do it in the name of a God or not.  It will warm your heart either way.  If someone says Merry Christmas to you smile.  If they say Happy Holidays to you smile.  If they say other words meant to share their loving feelings this season smile.  They saw you as being a person that they care enough about to share their seasonal joy with.  So to everyone who frequents my blog.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  No matter what or how you are celebrating I hope it is full of love, joy and hope.

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