Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Disappointed But Not Surprised

As you have read when I spoke to my sons worker in December the agreement was that she would set up a meeting with the couple who were caring for my sons and fill them in on everything.  Some of the stuff they needed to be filled in on I can't mention on here yet but was very important for them to know because it could over turn any adoption that might happen.  Which in turn would mean they would be out all the money for adopting my sons.  They were also suppose to be informed that Yes my daughter is returning home and her PGO is being rescinded by no later then the end of this year, that we have been and continue to be actively pursuing the return of my sons since the PGO was granted based on perjured information from my mother and 2 workers, and that she was in fact abusing my children and actively doing Parental Alienation in regards to my children and I.  She was suppose to inform them that we have been requesting visits with my sons the entire time and that contact was cut with NO court order.  She was suppose to inform them that we are still requesting contact. 

She was also suppose to call my Community Support Worker to verify a lot of these things.  As of this past week my Community Support Worker has not been contacted.  The only part of our agreement that I know she kept was calling and conversing with my daughters worker.  And I only know that because my daughters worker informed me that they did talk. 

I have sent her 9 emails since the new year requesting information and also requesting she pass on the pictures from Christmas so my sons know they were in no way forgotten and were missed and celebrated during the holidays.  The only reply I got was one email a couple of weeks ago asking me what time that day would be good for her to call me.  Nothing else was in the email.  So I replied right away that any time worked but 1pm was the best since that is when my son goes for his nap.  I never heard back. 

Which leaves me very little choice.  I informed the worker, when we talked in December, that I do in fact have the contact information for the couple who have my sons.  I found it in the summer.  I told her that I have not contacted them as of yet because I wanted to WORK WITH the workers.  I wanted them to be the ones to talk to the couple.  I wanted to be able to show the courts that I made every effort to work with in the system regardless of the fact that the system seriously failed myself and my children causing them and our family to go through sever physical and emotional abuse and stress.  I told her that if she was not going to give them the truth so they could make an informed decision about whether to finalize the adoption of my sons or not then I would.  I have friends who are foster parents and adoptive parents and all of them say the same thing.  Knowing the facts of this case they could not in good conscious adopt my sons knowing that they were aiding the continued psychological abuse that my mother was hoping to continue.  That they could not rip two boys from a loving mother and family who had never abused her children, just needed direction.  Add to that the fact that when the other two things in the works happens that the PGO will be thrown out and the adoption in turn thrown out since it is based on the PGO being granted.  That I have proven to never give up and will fight this for as long as it takes to reunite my children who should never have had contact ripped from them.

The worker assured me the PGO was not finalized yet and that she would talk to them before the end of the month.  That it was not a conversation she wanted to have over the phone or via emails.  Well I have had no contact with her assuring me of that.  So I sent her a 9th email on Friday acknowledging our agreement from December and informing her that if she had not contacted me by Wednesday morning that I would be contacting the couple myself, which I would rather the worker did, to give them all the information along with copies of all the evidence proving the perjury.  Along with informing them how we plan to fight for as long as it takes and so on.

So now I wait.  I am so disappointed.  I was so hoping this worker would be like my daughters new worker who has been nothing but honest and transparent and has shown that she wants what is best for my daughter and my family.  I am hoping she contacts me before Wednesday but I am not holding my breathe.  I have proven over and over that I want to work with the workers if they would just be honest and help my family.  But other then my daughters worker, I have not seen that happen.

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