Thursday, June 26, 2014


Today, which also happens to be my partners birthday, and ironically my mothers birthday as well, is the long awaited day for all of us.  WE BROUGHT MY DAUGHTER HOME!!!  Not for a visit, but for good.  Some wonderful friends watched my youngest son for the day while we did the drove the 2 hours away to pick her up and all her stuff.

The day was overcast and raining most of the way but our spirits soared as my partner and I sang and laughed our way to our daughter.  Nothing could darken our day today.  We drove up to the home and I walked to the door.  She smiled and waved to us from the window, then invited us inside.  We chatted with her foster caregiver for a few minutes, loaded up her things and then hugs were shared.  I thanked her caregiver for watching over her for us.  Then we all loaded up into the truck and away we went.  On towards home.

We laughed, we sang, we chatted all the way home.  It finally was sinking in for all of us that she was home for good.  My partner dropped us off and then took the car to get our little guy.  My daughter and I unloaded the truck and got her things downstairs.  As soon as my partner and son got back our little guy saw his big sister and grinned.  Then went running towards her, shoving the dogs out of his way as his sister picked him up and hugged him tight. 

Finally my first born was home.  6 years after this all began, through countless horrors, more emotional pain then any one she bare, through lies and loss, through many telling us to give up.  She is home.  Our family is one member stronger.  Many times each of us wondered if this day would come.  Some times I was scared to even hope.  But I had made a promise.  A promise that any loving mother would make and never break.  To never give up on her children.  To never give up on bringing them home.

We rose above it.  Our abuser wanted to tear us apart.  Knowing that would cause us emotional devastation that would last a lifetime.  We will never get the past 6yrs back but she did not succeed in her goal.  We over came.  We survived and we are even closer now with a better understanding of each other as mother and daughter.  We are no longer her victim in any way.  We are survivors.  We are a family forever and always.

So please cheer with us.  MY DAUGHTER IS HOME!!!!

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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations to you all. God bless you!!!!! :0) <><