Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Son's PGO Will Be Reviewed

First sorry to all our followers that I have not updated in so many months.  There are so many things going on right now, still can't mention most of them till the final steps are taken but I can mention this.

We just found out 2 weeks ago about a new legislation in our province.  It came into effect January of this year.  It is called the Children's First Act:

In all that towards the bottom it reads "Increase access to justice by allowing children under 12 to appeal court orders made under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, and allowing parents and guardians to apply for a review of a permanent guardianship order.

A permanent guardianship order is granted by the court in those cases where a child is deemed to need to be brought under permanent care of the Crown. In Alberta, only the government can make an application to the court for a review of these orders once they are issued by the court. Alberta is the only Canadian jurisdiction that does not allow parents to make such an application even if the parent’s personal life circumstances change and they believe they are now able to provide a safe, healthy home for their child or children. Enabling parents to make an application for a review of orders will open up additional avenues that could potentially keep families together, while maintaining assurances of child safety and well-being and the integrity of the process.

In addition, the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act currently does not allow children under 12 to appeal an order made under the Act. Removing this section of the act will increase access to justice for children in situations where a lawyer is in a position to represent their interests to the court for consideration."

When I was informed of this I burst out crying.  My community support person was here at the time and was shocked too.  Immediately she was helping me to try and access legal help to do this. 

I am sure that no one has informed my sons of that fact that they can request a review.  If my oldest son knew he would request it right away.  I contacted my daughters worker and she immediately got me the forms.  Today we filed with the courts.  The court date is set for early July.  Here is a link to the paperwork for any parent in need of it:

So there is now a court date for a new judge to review EVERYTHING.  All the perjury stuff, all the abuse by the grandmother, my daughter will get a say, they will have to look at our home and living situation now and the fact that my daughter is coming home June 26th permanently.  There are also other HUGE factors that they will have to take into consideration as well that will help convince the judge to move them home.  I can't wait to share those very positive developments. 

Also my daughters worker, when asked if she knew if the adoption of my sons was finalized stated this "To my knowledge (such as it is) the adoption has not been finalized.  Once you have filed your documents and have a court date and CS Edmonton has been served, any applications they have before the court must be adjourned pending the outcome of your application. "

Which means now that it has a court date and is filed with the courts the family who has my sons can not finalize the adoption till after a judge hears my application.  That gives my heart and mind a lot of peace knowing that is now stalled and most likely stopped.

So keep us in your thoughts.  This could really be the year that my WHOLE family will finally be together.

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  1. All of my fingers and toes are crossed !!

  2. Oh YAY! Sending lots of good wishes your way!

  3. I have been following your posts for a while now and I am so pleased to see how far you are coming with this all. I am happy to see your daughter is home where she should be and hope your boys follow soon. I am so happy to see an abused woman come so far with so much pushing her back. you are and inspiration to others. Keep your head held up and stand your ground. You will come out the winner