Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Are Going To Trial

So yesterday was another day in court in this never ending saga.  It was pretty interesting too.  We arrived about 20 minutes early and met up with our community support worker.  About 10 minutes to needing to go in my sons worker walks over and starts asking me about if we consented or not or being assessed.  She said she thought she remember us saying we did.  She also went on to say that the assessment process done here in our area by CPS is totally different and not near as stringent as the one done in their city.  We let her know that we have no problem being assessed in any way.  Our only requirement is our Community Support Person be a part of every aspect of it.  We also let her know that we had multiple workers who have been through our whole house and been interviewed multiple times.  She then said hers would require us to be interviewed separately.  This seemed strange to us since we have already been deemed fit for both my 2yr old son and my 16yr old daughter to be here.  But we had no problem with any of it.  Then at 5 minutes too I told her we needed to go in.

Once we were seated the departments lawyer came over and asked me what the plan was.  I said if the department is willing to work with me on returning my sons to my home then we can go to a JDR and work towards that.  He said not a chance.  So I told him trial then.  He then said he would state that to the judge.  I then let him know that I had filed with the courts the request to view the assessment of my sons and contact their assessor.  Plus I was requesting visitation for my daughter and myself.  He went back to wait till we were called up.

When we got called up the lawyer for the department stated that I was wanting to go to trial since the department would not consider returning my children to me.  The judge asked him to clarify if it was just for now that they won't consider it or never.  He said never.  So the judge let us know we would need to be in court again in the middle of Dec to book at trial date.  Then he addressed the assessment.  He asked the department what their reasoning was this time for not disclosing it to me.  Their only reason was me posting information to the blog and on the FB page.  The judge did not seem concerned.  He just said he would make an order so I can't post information from the assessment onto social media or disclose it to anyone else other then counsel.  I have never had a problem with that.  He was the same judge as the one who allowed me to disclose to the police.  As soon as I saw him I relaxed because even though we don't always get the ruling we want for everything we want with him, he has always been very nice, respectful and fair.  So when he let me know I couldn't post information from the assessment I said no problem.  Then the department requested that I not be allowed to contact the assessor of my children.  This I disagree with because if I had a lawyer they would have the right to talk to them.  So the judge stated till a trial date is set I can not contact the assessor but that issue will be addressed again in Dec.  I thought that was fair.

So then the judge said the departments lawyer and I need to discuss our witness list and who we plan to call to the stand for the future trial.  I agreed to that.  I then asked about visitation for my daughter and he said he could not address that right now as the department has the PGO.  That was it.  So we are now headed to trial. 

When we left the courtroom my sons worker tried to bait me with statements of "I understand how hard this is for you and what you are going through".  I asked her how she can understand if she had never had her kids legally kidnapped.  She then said she understood as a mother my plight.  My reply was "you can't if you have never had your kids taken".  And she said I can understand since you are the bio mom.  Bio mom?  I am their only mom.  And I said as such.  I looked her in the eye and said very calmly "I am their only mom."  And she said "In my world you are only the bio mom."  So glad I don't live in her world.  I feel sorry for any families living in her world as she is ok destroying families and kids to make a buck.  Her own words confirmed it when she said "I still have a job to do".  Obviously she has forgotten that CPS is suppose to be about keeping families together as much as possible and only after exhausting all efforts should kids be taken from their families.  Hmmm convenient how so many social workers forget that part of their job.  I walked away as I was not going to allow her to try and bait me.  For her my children are just a job.  For me my children are my everything.  And that is how it should be.  I did make it clear to her though, and I hope she passes it on to the family who has my sons, that I will never stop.  I will always appeal, I will always keep coming back till my sons are home.  I will never go away.  They are my children no matter what a piece of paper says that was granted through perjury and abuse.

So to trial we go.

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