Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Best Christmas Present EVER!!!

Today was an amazing day from start to exhausting finish.  The best part was that we headed to court today to do something we had been fighting 6 long years for.  To remove my daughters PGO or for those who don't know what that is, Permanent Gaurdianship Order.  It means she is no longer the property of CPS.  She is now in every legal sense my daughter and her own person.  We got to the courthouse and waited for court to begin.  My daughters worker showed up and we were all smiles though my daughter was nervous about the possibility of the judge talking to her.  We waited our turn and within 30 minutes we were before the judge.  Usually I am always serious in court but this time I just could not help smiling like a mad woman  lol.My daughters worker let the judge know that we were all there to remove the PGO.  The judge smiled at us both and said Congradulations and then asked my daughter if she had anything to say.  Her reply was short and sweet and to the point.  She just said "I am just happy to finally be home."  The judge, still smiling, then said the PGO is removed,  You can go home.  We thanked him and then left the room and everyone hugged.  We were free and one more step closer to healing our family and to correcting all the hell that had been done to us.

But that is not all.  We had to hurry home.  Two months ago my best friend and I started a group called Medicine Hat Holiday Helpers on Facebook.  Our goal was to help families in need during the 3 main holidays during the year.  Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.  Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our community we had helped 16 families this past Thanksgiving.  Well this Christmas we didn't do just as well, we blew all expectations out of the water.  Thanks to over 40 businesses and Medicine Hat and surrounding communities citizens we are able to help 50 families.  50!!!! Aren't people amazing.

This evening was not just our first deliveries but our group was also being filmed by Chat TV.  The local tv news.  It will be on tomorrow evening.  I won't be on it this time.  I don't do the deliveries.  I can't handle the Thank You's.  But I was also on it when we were first approached by them in November when they asked to follow our groups journey in helping so many.  4 of the 50 families volunteered to be filmed so while everyone was out doing that my daughter and I worked hard to take care of the kids of the delivery people and to fill the next afternoons hampers.  Here is the second miracle for our family.  One of our delivery and amazing volunteer people showed up when they were done and we were chatting.  Then a man, I didn't get a good look, rushed up onto my deck and quickly taped something to my door.  We were all in shock but went out to look at what was there.  It was a thank you card thanking us for all we were doing and it had several gift cards listed with my families name on it. 

I started to cry.  Only my 3 closest friends knew that earlier this week we had gotten notice that a check we had been expecting was not coming. That check I was planning my families Christmas presents with and also a large Christmas dinner for my family and several of our friends who otherwise were not having one.  When I received that news I cried and was so worried about my own family's Holidays but it did not change my commitment to the families we were helping.  I put that worry at the back of my mind planning to address it when I was done all the hampers for everyone.  This person could not have know any of this.  Yet here they did something so kind for a total stranger.  Not realizing that they just gave us a Christmas we otherwise would not have had.

So two totally incredible things happened today.  Even my daughter was crying and so happy  Best day ever she says.  She said only one thing could top it and that is her brothers coming home. We have 3 more days of deliveries to do.  But for us we already have our amazing Holiday Miracles happen. 

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  1. I just want to say bless you - :) seriously.