Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ending of 2014

What a whirlwind of a year.  This time last year we only had visits with my daughter and had no idea that there could even be a chance at having her brothers PGO reviewed.  So much has changed since then and so many more things are going to be happening soon.

My daughter is 16yrs old now and her own person.  She is no longer owned by CPS.  That is huge to us.  There is no more threat to her and her little brother.  No gift could be worth more to her or us then the judge granting her her freedom.  My sons are now on a path that will hopefully bring them home.  Our next court date is in late January for another trial conference.  CPS is still trying to find excuses as to why they are keeping them from their only mother and from their siblings.  All of their reasons basically show that they see my kids as property and money objects.  So my 16yr old daughter is safe here, my 2yr old son is safe here but my 10yr old son and my 7yr old son are not safe here?  All because they sold them to another family and need to save face because they know they really screwed up with my family?  WOW. 

The past few months I have had the privilege(hard fought too because CPS of course did not want me to see their lies in print or the police too either  lol) to read two more different versions of their stories of my sons.  Depending on who they are talking too shows how each story changes.  Even in the last trial conference my sons lawyer showed her lack of knowledge for the case by stating that my daughters case is different because she is older and because we had contact the entire time she has been in care.  UMMM really?!  Have you not read your own files on this case?  My daughter and I went through 3-4 years of no contact at all because of how much she was brainwashed against me.  No contact at all.  And now she is home, has none of the psychotic issues CPS workers were so convinced she had that they had her on antipsychotics.  WOW  now she is happy and healthy and on no meds and out of CPS clutches.  Considering how little each person on this case, be it worker or lawyer, really truly knows about the case, let alone the children they are suppose to be protecting sure explains why there are so many different, varying stories with no evidence for any of them.  They just make it up as they go along.  And the ones that continue to suffer is my children and my family.  Hopefully this new year with the trial we will see results that will bring my sons home and this torture of my family ended.

As to the abuse investigations we had a great year for that as well.  Thanks to the wonderful CPS workers lying to police, my sons who the police were not going to do an abuse investigation on, now have had their investigation reopened because of me fighting in court to disclose the CPS files that the CPS workers said had no evidence of abuse in them.  There was enough evidence in them that the police then went to court and fought and won in December to force CPS to disclose all their files to the police.  ALL OF THEM.  They were given 14 days to disclose everything they had on my children.  YEAH!!!!!  Wonder how they felt standing in court and having to explain to a judge why they told the police that there was no evidence of abuse of my children in their files only to be shown as lying and being forced to now disclose everything.  We did such a happy dance when we got that news.

Along with that is this year we also helped 16 families at Thanksgiving and also 50 families at Christmas with hampers thanks to awesome and dedicate friends and wonderful communities.  My divorce was also official October 31st of this year which leads me into another announcement.  My fianc√© asked me if we could get married sooner rather then later.  Fighting for my kids to come home has been my main focus for years.  We have now been engaged for 5yrs.  We always planned to get married when my sons came home.  We had promised them that.  But we also have our 2yr old to think about and now my 16yr old daughter as well.  So we are applying to get a copy of the divorce decree and then getting a marriage license.  We are hoping to be married by the end of January.  We are not having a wedding.  Just us and our best friends as witnesses.  We will have a full wedding when my sons come home just as we promised and renew our vows then along with making a vow to our family to never again be separated like this.  We are having a party after as many of our friends asked to celebrate with us. 

We might even get to have another wonderful surprise if my dad can swing it.  He is going to try to find a way to attend.  I so hope he can. It has been 28yrs since I last saw him.  26yrs of which we had no contact at all.  So not only could this be a wedding but also a huge overdue reunion.  My daughter is so excited about that.  It would be a dream come true if he could attend.  The only thing that could top that is my sons being there but I know CPS won't even consider that for them or us.  They don't want to lose any more of their slippery grip on my children then they already have.

So a lot has happened this year.  So much good stuff I lose count.  And some much good stuff happening soon to come as well.  To my sons I miss you both so much.  We have your Christmas presents and stockings here for you waiting in your room.  I am so proud of you both and hopefully 2015 will be the year we are finally reunited and you can come home.  I promised you I would not stop fighting to bring you home and even though you both have been through hell and back and lied to so much about me, I am still here.  I never gave up.  I love you both with my whole heart and I can't wait for you and your sister to be reunited.  She misses you both and I can't wait for you to meet your little brother.  Happy New Year my sons.

And Happy New Year to everyone who reads this.

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