Monday, June 10, 2013

Please Donate Today

For my faithful readers and those new to the blog, as you have read we are trying all we can to stop my sons from being adopted and to bring all my children home.  Even my sons new social worker has stated that her heart bleeds for us but she has to do what her job dictates for her to do so advised us to do all we can to get a lawyer.  With me on disability and my partner working full time but for low wages we just can't afford a lawyer.  The fees we have been quoted is between $50,000 and $60,000 and that could go up.  All the lawyers have stated we do have a case that we can win.  We just don't have the money.  Please don't let money be the deciding factor for my children.  Please don't let money be what keeps them from coming home. 

We also make too much for Legal Aid.  We will continue to fight this battle publicly but we do need a lawyer.  So I have done something I never thought I would.  I am turning to the public to ask for help to create this miracle and reunite my family.  I have made a fundraising page:

Help Reunite Our Family

All the money raised will first go to retaining a lawyer and then to pay the ongoing legal fees to fight this battle.  Please help our family.  Please help show my children that society has not turned their backs on them to be tossed in the wind.  Please help bring them home.  Share the link with how ever you know who might help.  Every dollar helps.

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