Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Sadness That Comes With Looking At Past Photos

Today I am feeling a lot of sadness as I work on a new project page for my fight to bring my children home.  It is a Facebook page dedicated to bringing my children back into my home and life.  Feel free to join it and pass it on to your friends to help support us in this battle:

Help Reunite A Family

Things are moving way too slowly when it comes to my sons coming home.  The social worker continues to refuse to give me their new social workers contact information and there is no good reason why.  I am starting to wonder if this is just a game to buy them time till the adoption is finalized.  Whether it is or not I am not just going to sit back expecting them to tell the facts to the adopting family or do the ethical and morally right thing to do by returning them home to me and their siblings.  I need to some how do more.  So that page is my first attempt.  My next attempt will be a video that I hope will go viral till someone can step up and help us create the miracle of bringing my children home. 

As I work on that new page I look back at all the photos and videos of the visits and a sadness comes over me.  Here are my beautiful children.  Smiling, laughing and full of cuddles.  It has been 4 years since I have been with them all together.  Then when you add in my new son none of them have all been together ever.  They are siblings and they should be able to grow up as siblings.  Then I think about how long it has been since all three of them had been in my arms.  I can almost remember the warmth of their little arms, the strength of their grips as they held on to me so tight. 

I am so thankful for my new son and being able to see my daughter but I will never feel complete till all my children are home together.  So the struggle to make my family whole continues.

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  1. your children are lucky they have a mom that loves them so much, even if you cant all be together right now, i hope you can all eventually be reunited for good, keeping my fingers x for you hun, stay strong xxx