Wednesday, October 22, 2014


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  I am officially a divorced woman from my ex.  Finally.  Definitely a long time in coming.  These past 6yrs I have been concentrating on my battle for my children, as many of you know.  That was my main priority.  Then added to that was the police investigations and the birth of my fourth child.  Getting a divorce was on my to do list but not priority since we have no contact.  Well when he was at the PGO Review court date they approached us about the divorce.  We agreed to pay half of the divorce costs with him and his girlfriend.  A couple of weeks later we met at the court house and filed it.  Just got the paperwork in the mail today.  As of the 31st of this month I am officially a divorced woman.

I know it really doesn't change anything.  Every day will continue to go on as normal.  But it is another step done.  Another stress off my shoulders.   

And for those wondering when my partner and I will get married we don't have a date yet.  When we got engaged we promised the kids we would not marry till they were home and could be a part of the wedding.  Dedrick and Ronan were very excited about that.  Dedrick was excited because he wanted to be Best Man.  Ronan was excited about being the ring bearer.  Just as I promised them I would never stop fighting to bring them home, I am not changing this either.  Isabeau is home now but Dedrick and Ronan are not.  That plan has not changed.  We will be getting married but not till they are back home where they belong.  Who is ready to celebrate with me??!!  lol

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