Friday, April 19, 2013

A Different Perspective

Something interesting happened this week that started out with a not so pleasant happening.  Earlier this week.  When my daughter was about 3 or 4 I ordered a beautiful mother and daughter keepsake for her.  I planned to give it to her when she was officially a teenager.  So when she turned 13.  I missed that birthday as you all know.  So at our first visit that we had this month I gave it to her.  It was a beautiful ceramic heart with a poem on the outside and inside of a mothers love for her daughter. All these years, through countless moves I kept it safe. We gave it to her at the visit with us and she loved it.  After learning what my mother had done every time my daughter got gifts I knew she would treasure this.  Plus it would help her see that she was always loved and wanted.  She has always been my special girl.
Well a few days ago at the foster home, while the foster kids were being babysat, some of the foster girls started to bully my daughter. They broke her earphones and were yelling at her, banging on her door and so on. She ran and stayed with the person watching them all. But in doing so the girls took that time to break her keepsake. One of the hearts is missing a whole half, the dangling heart is gone and one of the flowers is destroyed.  I felt so bad for her.  I wanted her to have something precious to keep.  Knowing it would never be taken from her or mad to make her feel bad.  Instead the message would lift her up.  I figured she would be angry, upset and so on.  She did get mad for a short while.  Who wouldn't. 
I immediately decided to see if I could find something to replace it with.  I knew it would not have the same meaning as the keepsake since I had saved that for so many years for her.  I went looking on Ebay and other places but could not find anything even remotely similar.  So I posted on my Facebook for ideas.  Other friends were also upset for her.  But then my daughter came on, read what I was doing in looking for something to replace it with and then wrote this:
"NO!!! I like it the way it is now. Look at it at a different angle of perspective. It symbolizes something more that just love now. It shows how our relationship and hearts were broken when we were taken from each other. But now they are mended, our love and relationship is mended. Yes some pieces are missing because of the four years that we didn't even see each other. But the love is there, it is mended. The cracks show that we are strong. That heart was broken because I wasn't going to let those girls get to me. I stood my ground and ignored them, I didn't budge. I will not replace it with a new heart locket because it wouldn't be the same, it wouldn't represent these things. They are going to mend it just like our own hearts can mend. No matter what, a heart can mend after being broken and hurt, yes some pieces will be missing but we shall not over look those as weakness, they show that we are strong, inside and out."
WOW is all I could think of to say.  What a mature way to look at things.  It took a 14yr, who has been through so much, lost so much, to see things with a whole different perspective.  I let her know just how proud I am of her for finding a way to look at the situation that no one else did.  Her foster mom is going to glue what she can and mend it as best as they can.  And the two girls responsible will be replacing her ear phones.  Regardless I am very proud of my daughter. 
I just wanted to share this interesting event because I think it really shows the strength of this beautiful young lady.  That even though someone totally evil tried to destroy all that was beautiful in her, instead she is showing that her beauty(inside and out) was much strong then my mother ever even imagined.

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