Friday, April 26, 2013

Sisterly Devotion

As you can guess by the title this entry is about another visit we had this week with my daughter.  Last week her social worker called to let me know that the visit was being changed.  Instead of being 2 hours and at her office it would be a 3 hour visit, my daughters foster mom would supervise and we could take her were ever we wanted including out to dinner.  We got so excited.  So the plan was to take her to a small indoor water park and then out to a buffet style dinner. 

There was a slight hitch when we arrived at the hotel that had the water park though.  The name had changed.  Dang.  So I panicked slightly that they wouldn't know where to meet us.  But all worked out because my daughter remember the place from when I brought her and her brothers there during some of the visits.

Her foster mom was just going to watch from afar so would not be swimming.  So the rest of us went to get changed.  After changing into our swim suits my son waited on a towel while I got to braid my daughters hair for the first time to keep it out of her face when swimming.  This was something I had missed for so long.  And even though we were rushing it was nice to share that special mother/daughter moment together. 

Nico was a little unsure of the new environment but his sister was determined to get some smiles out of him and make sure he enjoyed himself just as much as she did.  We went into the warm water of the kiddie pool first.  She laid down in front of him and kept sliding back and forth and as she would come up to him she would kiss his leg, or face or arm and so on.  As she would slide back she would talk to him.  he quickly warmed up to this attention and was giving her huge grins.  I was enjoying watching this interaction between the two of them.  Wishing that it was something they could both enjoy every day.  She was also wearing goggles so he love to reach out to try and grab them.

Then we moved into the big pool.  It is actually a wave pool but when we got in there were no waves yet.  My partner and I took turns holding our baby and swimming with my daughter.  In this way we all got to swim and have fun with each other.  At one point my partner and my daughter wanted to go down the slides.  Our baby son was obviously too little to go down the slides so he and I watched them exit the slides under a small bridge.  He thought it was hilarious to see them come flying out.  They then went down in tubes and had so much fun.  By this time my son was looking a little blue from the cool water.  He was having a blast but I wanted to take him to warm up.  So I left them to keep going down the slides and went and visited with my daughters foster mom for a little bit.  My daughter and partner joined us after a short visit. 

By this time it was close to the time to go for dinner.  My daughters foster mom let us know her husband was going to be joining us.  I thought that would be nice to finally meet him.  So we all went off to change before he arrived.  When we came out he was there.  A very nice guy.  Quiet at first but as we all got to know each other the conversation flowed nicely.  My daughter rode with us to the restaurant which I loved.  When we arrived my daughter made it clear she wanted to sit between my partner and I.  We had no problem with that at all.  We all got our meals and then sat to some great conversation, a lot of laughing and good food.  Who could ask for more.  Even our son enjoyed the food.  Everything just clicked.  We discussed the plans for the next visit as well which we are all excited for.

Time of course slipped by way too fast for any one's liking.  We all walked out to the car and said our good byes with lots of hugs and later for me some tears.  Every time we leave I feel like I am leaving a part of my heart behind.  But all in all it was a great visit.  I love the bond that is building between my daughter and her new brother.  We are counting the days till we get to all see each other again.

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