Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is There No Hope Left?

Today we went to the court house and picked up the papers to file the appeal.  While there they explained that there are no costs to filing the appeal but there are costs to get the transcripts of the trial and that has to be submitted at the same time as filing the appeal.  We went home and called the place that we need to get the transcripts from.  They calculated at 3 days(Lenght of the trial), 8 hours a day at .0052 cents a character.  They said based on just that the cost will be over $6000 for the transcripts.  I was in shock.  And that did not include the 30 minutes of the verdict being read or the 2 days we went over in time by at least an hour or more.  I am on disability.  My fiance is working 2 part time jobs.  Even with that we make just enough to live day to day.  There is no way we can come up with the money needed for the transcripts.

Now I see why so few appeal a PGO.  Not because they don't have a case.  It is because they don't have the money to get the transcripts.  None of our friends can afford to help.  And we can't get a loan.  Is this how it ends?  Is all options now stopped just because I am not well off enough to pay our $6000 in the next two weeks?  How is that justice?  Where is the justice for my children?  Is there only justice for the people that can pay for it?  Is that the system we live in?  That the poor or disabled have to suffer just because they do not have the money to fight back? 

I have less then 30 days to submit this appeal other wise it will never even be considered.  I never thought I would have to consider just walking away and allowing my kids to suffer at her hands.  Is that the ending to the story?  The abusers get to continue the abuse with no end in site?  I need options and ideas.  I don't want to stop.  Someones eyes must see what is going on and can stop it.  Or am I wrong and the abusers really do have all the power?

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