Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End The Silence On Domestic Violence

That is the name of the show that is on Dr. Phil today and what his concept for this coming year for the entire season.  Here is the link:

Since I am a survivor of Domestic Violence I am asking that you all check out this link.  Listen to his plea.  End the Silence.  Abusers want silence. They want their victims to stay quiet, keep it hidden and behind closed doors because it makes what they do so much easier for them. Stop making their life easier.  I know that there are others who are uncomfortable hearing about abuse.  They would rather have the opinion that what happens in the home stays in the home.  In this day and age that is not something anyone should do.  By looking the other way you are not ignoring the problem, YOU are part of the problem. 

No one deserves abuse, No one is asking to be abused.  END THE SILENCE TODAY!

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