Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Trial Part Four - The Final Verdict

The PGO was granted. Because I was not allowed to submit my defence there was no proof to counter what the department was accusing me of and what my mother was lieing about. My 6yr old son will now be placed on medication that he does not need so that my mother can continue to abuse him. My mother will now submit her claim for private gaurdianship removing all chances of me getting my kids back or ever seeing them agian. My lawyer informed me that my legal aid has now run out so I have no money to fight for an appeal. This woman who has destroyed so many lives is now free to destroy my kids lives. She has won and there is nothing I can do to stop it.


To all those who are reading this blog please do not be quiet about it.  Pass the link to everyone you know.  Send it to any newspaper, newsroom, or anyone who can make this be heard.  My kids are not safe.  instead they have been legally kidnapped and handed over to a known child abuser.  Please do not be silent.  Pass it on.  I don't want to give up but I have no other place to turn and my kids will now become her silent victims.  There will never be a real Merry Christmas for them as long as they are with her.  She will drug them legally with medication that cause halucinations and strange thoughts so that if they say anything about what she is doing no one will believe them.  Please make your voices heard for these 3 children and help put a stop to this in any way you can.

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