Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nine Years Old And Another Birthday Missed

Happy birthday my son.  I miss you more then words can say.  I am so sorry I missed another of your birthdays.  I hope you got to have a good day today but I know in your heart and mine you would have preferred to be here to celebrate your 9th birthday. 

We celebrated you today.  We held a party for you in your honor even though you were not here.  We had a Transformers themed party.  Your sister was here for it.  We had transformers decorations thanks to a wonderful party supplier from our city who donated a few items and provided some wonderful decorations, transformer presents, and even had the movie transformers on.  Your cake even was a transformers theme.  Decorated by your sister.  She so badly wanted to talk to you today.  She even emailed the people who have you begging them to let her call on this special day.  She didn't get a response.  She and I were so disappointed.  The people who had you promised they would never cut contact between you three and that is just what has happened.  It was not a choice that your sister has made.  It is one that Children's Services and the people who have you are forcing on all of you.  I wish it was different.  And some day it will be.  I even emailed your worker and her supervisor several times over the past month and a half begging for your sister to be allowed contact and asking where to send your presents.  I got no response. 

I know this has got to be so hard for you.  None of you have deserved any of this.  But I am not giving up.  I will never stop fighting for you to come home to be with your brothers and sister.  We never gave up and now there is a plan for your sister to come home this coming summer.  I am hoping that you will be home in this next coming year as well. 

You can see the video of your party here:

You can see the pictures here:

Your sister wrote a message for you as well that she wanted me to post here:  "My oldest little brother turned nine today, yet I wasn't even able to wish him happy birthday. I have decided to put my thoughts to him here. Oh my brother, I remember when you were just a little thing, only a few days old. You were adorable then, but you are handsome now. You got excited when you found out that you were a big brother when our little brother was born, a few days after your 3rd birthday. I am sorry to say that it was that February that we moved to our grandmother's place. You were so cheerful, and full of energy. You were eager to make new friends and never have enemies. Every person loved you. You never gave up, and I thank you for that. I have never told you this, but it is because of you that I am alive today. Had you and our brother not been there, I would have given up and stabbed myself. You are truly a lifesaver to me. I wish I am there with you right now, celebrating another year of your life, I am sorry that I am not. I hope that one day our whole family will be together once more. We will never stop fighting for you and our brother to come home. Happy ninth birthday my brother, I hope that it was a great one."

There are other messages that friends have written to you on your special day:

"Happy B-day little guy, wish you to come back to your mom, to your family"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!Bersi (green collar) sends lots of licks and tail wags for you."
"Happy Birthday! I hope you find out real soon how much your mom loves you and wants you all home with her."
"Happy Birthday! Your mom loves you very much and is doing everything she can to bring you home again!"
"Happy birthday, so sorry u cant be with your real familly on your special day, ive never met your mommy but i know she loves u both loads and would do anything to be with u both on your special day xxx

You are loved by so many by wonderful son.  I hope to never miss another birthday.  I love you

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