Tuesday, October 13, 2015


If you think what happened to me and my children never happens please check out this recent story:

Parent's Cleared of Abuse Yet Denied Return Of Their Child

Society sadly has the misconception that if a social worker makes a mistake, if the parent can prove they are innocent, if they change their life around, that in the end they will get their children back.  That is simply not the case.  Social workers can ignore the rules of their job.  They can make judgments solely based on how much they like someone with no evidence to back it up.  Leaving parents desperate for help to save their family as their children are legally kidnapped from them.  Knowing they are innocent yet having to suffer a life sentence of pain and suffering.

If someone is wrongly convicted of a crime they are granted their freedom along with an apology.  If it is proven in court that people perjured themselves, lied on court documents, falsified records and so on then the judgment is thrown out against them.  Their records cleared.  So what happens to a family who loses their children because of lies, workers not doing their due diligence, prejudice and so on?  They may be cleared as I have been but they will be required to forever suffer a life sentence because in the family courts the adopting families have more rights and more protections then the biological family.

I reside in Canada.  When people think of Canada they usually think of a free country.  Where people have rights and freedoms.  Where families are protected and safe.  Really?  In my case the judge pointed out that even though I proved I was fit, able and willing, had been proven as such for a very long time, proved that I never abused my children, proved that I was never an addict, even proved that the one person making all the false allegations against me was actually the one abusing my children in horrific ways.  Along with proving that the workers lied in documents meant for court, proved their falsified information to cover up their reasons for decisions, proved they did not do their due diligence, proved they did not investigate any abuse of my children by the monster abusing them and were clearly prejudice against me because of my mental illness.  And yet even with proving all of that I and my children all will continue to suffer a life sentence.  Why? 

Where is our justice?  For 7yrs I have had so many people turn on me, lost many friends, been looked down upon, seen as a liar, an abuser and addict all because of the lies of the actual abuser and of the department.  I had to fight tooth and nail to prove that I was not any of those things.  My life has gone through so much unnecessary heart ache and pain.  Yet where is my crime? 

In Canada if a PGO is granted against a parent and if they have no means or ability to appeal in 30 days then there is literally nothing they can do to get their children back if the social worker does not want to give them back.  You can prove all that I did and there is nothing in the legislation requiring them to return your children.  They are protected under the "Best Interest Of The Child". As after the PGO is granted their job then turns to adopting them out. It does not matter if workers admit they should have never pursued the PGO(as they did in my case).  It does not matter if they admit in hindsight that they did wrong by the family and if they could go back they would never do it again(as they did in my case).  It does not matter if you are cleared of ever abusing your children or of ever being an addict.  It does not matter.  Don't take my word for it.  Go read the legislation of your province.  There is 0 protection of the biological parent after a PGO is granted no matter what you can prove after.  There are no checks and balances. 

The legislation is designed to protect the workers ability to take children from families to provide a diverse selection of children to adopting homes and those homes will have all the protection that the government can provide.  All the legal expertise, all the medical supports, all the financial supports if the biological parents try to fight the injustice that they end up proving.

Do I feel bad for the adopting parents in this case.  A little.  But not enough to say the child should remain with them.  Why should a biological parent suffer a life sentence, and a child the same, when they have been proven innocent?  They carried that baby for 9 months.  Went through the hopes and dreams and planning of bringing this special little one into their life.  They went through the physical and emotional pains for 9 months to bring them into this world.  It is not right that a government can walk in and take a child on lies and sell them to someone else leaving the parents to continue to suffer.  Laws and legislation needs to be changed to protect those families that prove their are innocent.  It should be mandatory that if a family proves they are innocent and the wrong doing was on the workers part then the government should have to pay the costs for all the therapy and supports needed to reunify the family who has been through hell and back.


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  1. There is no greater pain... Perhaps even greater then the death of a child is to lose a child in an unjust manner by those who appear in sheep's clothing, yet are raging wolves (Matthews 7:15). Corruption among those who get paid by our tax dollars to 'look out for the best interest of a child' is very real and evil. 'They' are failing our children. I have researched obsessively since my 2 year old grandson was kidnapped from me by DCF on 2/27/14 after 5 police officers REFUSED to remove him from my care... 'Complaint unfounded' with all allegations made against me proven to be LIES. Why would the government betray me, traumatize an innocent child (which is ABUSE) then get away with committing perjury about me in order to 'seal the deal'? Corruption... Money. I live in Florida of the U.S. My research has been contained to the 'Land of the Free' but am very aware that this evil force against children and innocent families is happening worldwide from the endless people I have met on Facebook & Twitter and the replies I have received on my blogs. If it were not for our loving God, I would be lost. His unconditional love is what has always gotten me through my darkest times. There is no greater love... He is powerful. God is good.