Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Adoptive Mother Fighting For The Rights Of Biological Parents

As you know I am not one to post others blogs but again in less then a month I find a writer that I must acknowledge on my blog.

Adopting Mothers Must Lead the Fight Agianst Unethical Adoptions

This writer is a mother.  An adoptive mother.  And she fights for what she calls ethical adoptions.  She says it is the duty of any adoptive parent to ensure that the adoption they are pursuing is an adoption that has been willingly consented by all parents unless there are very clear signs of abuse or neglect. 

This writer has earned my respect in spades.  She says the same as I have.  That adoption is about finding families for children who do not have loving parents who are capable of taking care of them.  Not about providing children at all cost to adopting parents to choose from.  She even goes on to say that that means if an adopting parent finds out that the adoption was not ethically done that it is the adopting parents ethical duty to ensure the rights of the biological parents are upheld and that the child they claim to love has the right to be raised in their biological home first and foremost.

So where does that leave the couple who has my sons?  They know, and have known for a very long time, that what they were told about how my children ended up in care and about me was lies.  They also know I have been cleared of all abuse and cleared of ever being an addict.  Would this woman, also an adopting parent, consider them ethical in the fact that they know I am fit, they know I am able and they know I am willing and have been for many years(since prior to the PGO being granted).  My children were placed with them because of lies and unethical workers.  Yet where were they in fighting for the rights of my sons and their right to be returned home to their one true mother? 

As this lady goes on to say, my sons will grow up.  They will ask questions and I will make it very easy to find me.  This couple can't shut me up and they can only shut me out for so long.  What will be their answer to my sons questions when they find my blog and learn the truth of how they were legally kidnapped.  How will they explain how they condoned my sons kidnapping?  How will they explain how they condoned the cutting out of their sister from their lives and the couples part in that?  How will they explain the lies they were told by the workers and the couple about me and their sister?  Their perfect "family" unit is on a path that they are not prepared for.

Unlike them though I do have the answers.  I don't need to think up more lies to cover more lies as they will have to.  I will show them all the proof and evidence I have when they find me.  This couple can buy them all the stuff they want and take them on all the trips they want to.  But none of that will save them from the truth coming out.  None of that will stop my sons from finding me and when the truth is learned all of what this couple did to have this "perfect family" at the expense of the destruction of their biological family, the reaction might be the complete cost of what they deem are their sons. 

Maybe they should read this article and learn about what ethics are and what adoption is meant to be.

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