Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Youngest Son Is 5yrs Old Today

And has gone through a life time of experiences in those 5yrs.  I miss you my son.  I hope you are doing well with the family you are with.  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday full of laughter, hugs and surprises.  I wish we were there to help you celebrate.  I wish I was there to watch you blow out your candles, watch your eyes light up as you open each present.

I remember the last birthday you had with us.  You had so much fun.  It was one of the last visits we got to have with you.  And I will always cherish those memories.  I remember you blowing out your candles on your chocolate cake, opening your presents.  You favorite was your big semi that could carry several cars and had a double ramp.  We still have it.  It is still here waiting for you. 

I have looked at the wall with your picture on it.  The last picture we have of you is when you turned 3yrs old. I hope soon we will be together to take a new one. I remember the fun you had in helping Donald Duck build or fix things.  You always wanted to help and be a part of everything.  You never gave up even when it took you a long time to figure things out.  I remember how much fun you had running around the house as we played tag or I tried to get pictures. 

Some of my favorite memories was when we built forts with sheets in your and your brothers room.  You had such a scared face at first and then looked so confused wondering why we were making a mess.  Now I know why that is but I am so glad you got to have fun being a little boy and building those forts and then playing in them.  And I know you had so much fun jumping on them from your bed to take them down.  Your giggles were endless on those days.

I miss you so much and I hope to never miss another birthday if at all possible.  Happy 5th B-day my son.

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