Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Far Will They Go?

After the threats I was nervous to say the least.  I felt like they could do anything they wanted when it came to stopping me from seeing my kids and that I had no rights or ability to stop it.  We put in another visit request for August 20, 2010 First request made on the 12(no response), also put in a standing request that all visits be made weekend or over night visits. Second request made on the 18. Received a confirmation was told in same confirmation that the visit for the 27th was a go. Had a great visit.  We were already informed that the 27th visit was also a go so we waited till the next visit.

Was informed on the 20th that that day would not work and to switch to the day before(26th). Also the department requested to put my oldest son on ADHD meds. I denied the request because I do not believe he has it and if it is proven he does then the last resort is meds. I would try other alternatives first that are safer. We were emailed the name of the drug that they wanted him on.  THe side effects were crazy and are listed in one of my other posts.  I sent them a reply listing a slew of alternatives, if he was ADHD, that they could do to help aleviate the behaviour without meds.  We confirmed we would pick up the kids on the 26th. Had visit. More accusations were made against our dog. This time that she had jumped up and scratched my oldest sons eye lid. So we provided pictures to show that just before we dropped the kids off there were no scratches proving that this did not happen in our home or with our dog but after they were dropped off at the departments building.  Requested the next visit for September 3, 2010 First requested visit on the 30. Received confirmation on the 1st. Had visit.  Requested the next visit for September 10, 2010 First request made on the 6. The worker tried to reduce this visit to 4 hours but I had to make sure it was 6 hours to ensure a visit since the weather has been so cold and wet. Asked for confirmation on the 8(no response). Asked again on the 9. Received confirmation. Had visit.

From this point things seemed to be getting easier to get the visits.  Requested the next visit for
Sept 17, 2010 First request on the 14. Request confirmed on the 15. Had visit.  Requested the next one for
Sept 24, 2010 First request made on the 20. Visit confirmed. Had visit.  Requested the next one for
Oct 1, 2010 First request made the 28. Received confirmation on the 29th. Had Visit.  Requested the next one for Oct 8-11, 2010 First request made in August(no response). Second Request made Sept 23(no response). Third request made on 1(no response). Received a reply on the 5th. Denying a weekend visit(so no b-day or thanksgiving with the kids). Was told the visit would be Friday for 6 hours as normal. No reason stated as to why. I asked them 5 times in the days leading up to the holiday weekend as to their reason to denying the holiday with me. They ignored all requests.  That weekend was also my oldest sons b-day and the following weekend was my youngest sons b-day.  We had requested the weekend for Thanksgiving so we could have a party for my oldest son and also have thanksgiving together.  So far ever since they were taken I was only allowed one holiday visit with them.  All their choosing not mine.

The next visit we requested for was the weekend of Oct 15-17, 2010 Made first request in August(no reply). Made second request on Sept 23(no reply). Made third request on Oct 1. Received a refusal for the weekend. Made fourth request on the 14th for the 6 hours. Got a confirmation on the 14th. Had the visit.  Agian because of this we were unable to do the party we had planned.  I could not understand why they would not allow over nights or weekends.  They never gave a reason though I asked multiple times.

From there we had to say no to the October 22 visit because both my fiance and I were sick with the flu.  But we did get to have what became our last visit on October 31st.  I have not seen my children since then.  We had the trial(I will give details to this in my next post) and immedately following the trial they cut my visit hours in half.  Telling me we were only alottedOUr gas for the whole day was only $30.  We always prepared home made hot meals at the house.  And being home meant that the kids were safe and warm and could play board games with us, make crafts and play with their toys.  They are young and can't focus on one thing for 3 hours.  My own lawyer even stated they are going against the rules provided to them to follow and are making their rules with no thoughts to the welfare of the children. 

I miss my kids so much.  I know my oldest son is probably thinking he has done something wrong.  I sit here crying as I write this because I want to be with my children and they are already doing all they can to eliminate me from their lives and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  My legal Aid runs out with the verdict on the 9th of December.  After that I will have no funds or way to fight this or appeal if the PGO is granted. 

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